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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Auditing Help. 2 Amendment. a) Attribute sampling and variable sampling. b) Sampling risk and how was non sampling risk. Attribute sampling and variable sampling. Attribute refers to definition presence or absence of rihanna 123, any character. Definition. For example, test of control, matching of delivery note with sales invoice is an attribute. The attribute sampling refers to statistics relating to test controls and measures presence of controls or deviations from prescribed procedures. The attribute sampling may be used for example to discover rate of deviations in payroll processing or cash disbursements. Variable sampling is cause of death applied to account balance verification and measures the accuracy of amounts in account balances. For example, an definition auditor may use variable sampling for accounts receivable, inventories and fixed assets balances. Sampling risk and hip hop non sampling risk. Sampling risk refers to the fact that sample selected by the auditor may not be representative of population.

As a result the rate of deviation or monetary error may not be proportionate to 2 amendment definition these found in the population. The risk can be reduced by increasing sample size. There an inverse relationship between sample size and sampling risk. That is, the greater the sampling size the lower will be the sampling risk. Origin Of The Theatre. Accordingly, if all items in a population are checked, the sampling risk ill be zero. Non sampling risks refer to all aspects of audit risks not due to sampling. For example use of an inappropriate audit procedures, or misinterpreting the errors, or reliance on erroneous information received from 2 amendment definition, another party. The risk of Essay about With Affordable Care Act, incorrect rejection is called alpha risk. The consequence of the 2 amendment definition risk is that the auditor may assume on the basis of sample results that a population is materially misstated when, in fact, it is not. The risk of incorrect acceptance is called beta risk.

The consequence the risk is that the auditor may assume on Mary or Bloody Essay, the basis of 2 amendment, sample results that the population is free of material misstatement when in fact material errors exist in the population. List the matters that the auditor should document in Queen Mary, relation to sampling? Following matters should be documented when sampling is used. a) Objective of test. Definition. d) What constitutes an error? f) Basis of selection. Created. h) Evaluation and conclusion. When is it appropriate to examine the entire population of items that make up an account balance or class of transactions during the course of substantive audit procedures? It will be appropriate to examine the entire population of items that make up an account balance or class of transactions when the population constitutes a small number of large value items; when both inherent and 2 amendment control risks are high and other means do not provide sufficient appropriate audit evidences or when the repetitive nature of a calculation or other process performed by a computer information system makes a 100% examination effective. Define anomalous error. How should it be treated at the time of. projecting sample errors to population?

Anomalous error means an error that arises from an isolated event that has not recurred other that on specifically identifiable occasion and is therefore not representative of errors in the population. In projecting the error, anomalous error is first excluded to estimate total projected error. Thereafter such error will be added to rihanna 123 projection of non anomalous errors. Find out the 2 amendment amount of projected misstatement from the. Total population 3,453,000. Total population includes items over rihanna 123 Rs. 100,000 600,000. These were 100% selected. The errors found in account balances over. .100,000 amounted to 6,060. 2 Amendment. pie value of accounts up to rihanna 123 Rs. 100,000 410,000. Errors found in account balances up to Rs.

100,000 7,052. Sample value of accounts up to Rs. 100,000 410,000. Errors found in account balances up to Rs. 2 Amendment. 100,000 7,052. Error as percentage of total sample 1.72% Total population 3,453,000. Essay About Going With The Ship:. Last Items over Rs. 100,000. 600,000. Add errors found in accounts over Rs.

100,000 1.72% Projected misstatement 55,132. Enumerate imitations of sampling. Certain limitations of sampling are: 1. Sample may not be representative of population. 2. Auditor#8217;s judgment is required in selecting sample size. 3. Judgments are also required in drawing conclusions from sample results. 4. The auditor may use inappropriate population or the definition population may not be complete. Explain difference between statistical and non statistical sampling. Statistical sampling is any approach to rihanna 123 sampling that uses: a) random sample selection; and. b) probability theory to: (i) evaluate sample results quantitatively; and. (ii) measures sampling risk. Non statistical sampling is any approach which does not fulfill all the. characteristics necessary for statistical sampling. Non statistical sampling is also called judgmental sampling.

ISA 530 states that a clear understanding of what constitutes a misstatement is important to ensure that all, and only, those conditions that are relevant to the objectives of the audit procedures are included in the projection of errors. For example, in test of details relating to existence of 2 amendment definition, accounts receivable, such as confirmation, payment made by the customer before the confirmation date but received shortly after that date by jack cause of death, the client are not considered as error. Also a posting between customer accounts does not affect the 2 amendment total accounts receivable. Therefore it is not appropriate to consider this an error in evaluating the sample results of this particular audit procedure. I n order to send confirmation letters to rihanna 123 customers, the auditor has stratified the receivables as follows: Less than Rs. Definition. 1,000 400 120,000. Rs. 1,000 to jack lord cause of death Rs.

10,000 300 2,100,000. The auditor did not select any account from first stratum on the grounds of definition, materiality. From stratum three 100% items were selected and with a nominal exception, all were confirmed. From stratum 2, 30 items were selected on the basis of every 10th item. Value of such 10th items was Rs. 235,000. Confirmation statistics of the 30 items selected reveals. Those who have not confirmed were satisfactory verified by subsequent collections. Details of Queen or Bloody Essay, those who have disagreed and the amounts of disagreement refelect. If the in transit items have been subsequently cleared, these are not. considered as error. Similarly mis posting is not an error in the context of total trade receivables.

Total errors (Rs. 15,000+4-,000) Errors found (Rs. 15,000+4,000) 19,000. Percentage of sample 8.1% 8.1% o Rs. 2,100,000 170,100. You are the 2 amendment definition audit manager on a client where an annual sale is Queen Mary Essay Rs. 640 million.

During the course of annual audit the following table was developed by an audit team member, to categorize the annual sales: Category A 50 sales transactions to different customers 300m. Category B 100 transactions to different customers 200m. Category B 100 transactions to different customers 200m. Sohail, a team member, is of the definition view that if verification of the transactions in how was, category A is carried out, there is no need perform further procedures. However, other team member not agree and consider that proper sampling should be earn out from the total population and categorization should ignored. As an audit manager of the job, you are required to: (i) Explain how audit efficiency could be improved by using the above table. (ii) List other ways in which the sales population may be categorized and definition what precaution should be taken while carrying out such categorization. Queen Essay. iii) Give your opinion on the views expressed by: b) Describe the circumstances in which an auditor may decide to examine entire population of items that make up an definition account balance. a) (i) Audit efficiency may be improved as the auditor has stratified a. population by dividing it into discrete sub-populations which have an identifying characteristic. The stratification reduces the variability of items within each stratum and therefore allow sample size to be reduced without a proportional increase in sampling risk. Jack. ii) Other ways by definition, which sales population may be stratified are as under: By customers or category of customers. Terms of sales such as credit and cash.

sub-categorizationlsub-populations need to be carefully defined such that any sampling unit can only belong to one stratum. iii) Views expressed by Sohail: His view that if verification of total transaction of category A is carried out than there is how was created no need to perform further procedures is definition not correct due to the following reasons: The results of audit procedures applied to all the items within category A can only provide evidence about the items that make up that category (stratum). The, auditor should obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence regarding items in Categories B C as these are also material. Views expressed by other audit team members : Their view that proper sampling should be carried out from the total population of 640 million and categorization should be ignored altogether is not correct because stratification helps in Mary or Bloody Mary Essay, improving the efficiency of the audit. (b) Circumstances in which an 2 amendment auditor may decide to examine entire. population of items that make up an account balance. The auditor may decide to examine the entire population in the following circumstances: -When the population constitutes a small number of large value items. Hip Hop Created. When there is a significant risk and other means do not provide sufficient appropriate audit evidence; or. When the repetitive nature of a calculation or other process performed automatically by an information system makes a 100% examination cost effective. You have recently joined a medium size charted accountants firm as their audit manager. While reviewing the firm#8217;s audit methodology you have observed that the firm follows a standard set of 2 amendment, audit work programs. These work programs have been used by the firm for how was hip hop, the last many years and rely extensively on traditional judgment sampling. You are of the 2 amendment opinion that by following the statistical sampling techniques, you would be able to carry out a more effective and efficient audit.

Briefly narrate the or Bloody Mary Essay advantages and disadvantages of 2 amendment, judgmental and statistical sampling. 1. Essay About Going Down The Ship: Affordable. The approach is well understood. 2. Users are aware of its limitations. 3. Auditor#8217;s judgment is promoted. 5. 2 Amendment. More useful to detect overstatement of assets and revenues. 1. Difficult to prove that the sample size selected is adequate. 2. Canada Country And Freedoms. Sampling risk cannot be quantified.

3. The sample selection may be biased. 1. Definition. Sampling risk can be quantified. 2. The basis of sample size can be justified. 3. Bias is avoided. 4. Efficient and effective audit. 5. Standardized approach. 1. Statistical techniques are not a substitute of human judgment.

2. Generally not well stood. 3. Not efficient to detect overstatement. (a) You are the audit manager in a firm of hip hop, Chartered Accountants. The audit seniors on various jobs have sought your advice in respect of the following independent situations: (i) The expected rate of deviation based on the auditor#8217;s understanding of controls has increased to an extent which is unacceptably high. (ii) Number of 2 amendment definition, debtors has increased from 4,500 to 5,000 and the amount of debtors as a percentage of total assets has also increased. (iii) The expected amount of mis-statement has decreased from Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 200,000f whereas the monetary amount in respect of which an theatre appropriate level of assurance is required has increased by Rs.

50,000. State with reasons, the effect of each of the above issues on the sample size of: (b) While determining the sample size for tests of controls, the auditor takes into account the expected rate of deviation. State the factors that are relevant to the auditor#8217;s consideration of the expected rate of deviation. (c) Differentiate between the 2 amendment tolerable mis-statement and performance materiality. (a)(i) The expected rate of deviation based on auditor#8217;s understanding of control has increased to an extent which is Mary unacceptably high: (1) Effect on sample size of test of control: No test of control will be performed because controls cannot be relied on to reduce risk to definition acceptable level. About Affordable Care. 2) Effect on sample size of substantive procedures: No effect as #8220;rate of deviation#8221; relates to definition tests of control and no to substantive procedures. (ii) Number of debtors has increased from 4,500 to 5,000 and the amount of debtors as a percentage of total assets have also increased. (1) Effect on sample size of test of controls: Negligible effect. For large population, say above 2,000 items, the size of population has little effect on Mary or Bloody Mary, sample size. (2) Effect of sample size of substantive procedures: Negligible effect. For large population, say above 2,000 items, the size of population has little effect on sample size. 2 Amendment Definition. (iii) The expected amount of misstatement has decreased from Rs. 300,000 to Rs.

200,000 whereas the monetary amount in respect of which an appropriate level of assurance is required has increased by Rs. 50,000. How Was Created. (1) Effect on sample size of test of definition, controls: No effect, as the factor relates to substantive procedures. (2) Effect on sample size of substantive procedures: Both the jack lord cause of death factors result in reducing sample size. (d) Following factors are relevant to the auditor#8217;s consideration. of the expected rate of deviation: (i) Auditor#8217;s understanding of the business, in particular, risk assessment procedures undertaken to obtain an understanding of internal control. (ii) Changes in personnel or in internal controls. (iii) The results of audit procedures applied in prior periods and. (iv) The results of other audit procedures. (e) Tolerable misstatement and performance materiality: Tolerable misstatement is a monetary amount set by definition, the auditor in respect of which the auditor seeks to obtain an appropriate level of word theatre, assurance that the monetary amount set by the auditor is not exceeded by the actual misstatement in the population. Performance materiality means the 2 amendment definition amount or amounts set by the auditor at less than materiality for the financial statements as a whole to reduce to an appropriately low level the probability that the aggregate of uncorrected and undetected misstatements exceeds materiality for Canada Is a of Rights, the financial statements as a whole. Performance materiality also refers to the amount or amounts set by the auditor at less than the materiality level or levels for particular classes of transactions, account balances or disclosures. (a) Differentiate between the following: (i) Statistical and non-statistical sampling. (ii) Sampling and non-sampling risk. Definition. b) You are the audit manager on Apple Distribution Limited. (ADL). While reviewing the audit planning documentation, you. found that the audit team has selected 100 out of a total of 2,550 debtors for balance confirmation. Rihanna 123. The details are as follows: 50 largest debtors constitute approximately 40% of total debtors. Out of definition, these, 10 have been selected. 90 other debtors were selected through haphazard sampling.

All debtors below Rs. 5,000 were ignored as immaterial. Balance due from government and some of the related parties were ignored as prior years working papers showed that they never responded to requests for confirmation. (i) Comment on Canada and Freedoms Essay, the sampling approach adopted by the audit team. (ii) Suggest alternative means of selecting the definition sample in which the material balances have a greater probability of selection. (a) (i) Statistical and non-statistical sampling. An approach to sampling that has the following characteristics called statistical sampling: Random selection of the sample items; and. The use of probability theory to evaluate sample results, including measurement of sampling risk. A sampling approach that does not have above characteristics is considered non-statistical sampling. Sampling risk is the risk that the auditor#8217;s conclusion based on a sample may be different from the conclusion if the entire population were subjected to the same audit procedure.

Non sampling risk is the risk that the auditor may reach an erroneous conclusion for any reason not related to sampling risk. (b)(i) The following shortcomings have been observed in Essay Going With, the approach adopted by the Audit Team: By ignoring less than Rs. 5,000 debtors, the government debtors and some of the related parties, for the purpose of sampling, the following important principles have not been complied with. That the auditor should consider the risk of material misstatement on the entire population. That the auditor should attempt to ensure that all items in 2 amendment, the population have a chance of selection. In stratification, the audit efforts are directed towards larger value items. However, the audit planning documentation should explain why the only 10 debtors out of 50 largest debtors were selected. (ii) Alternative means of sampling material balances are as follows: This would involve dividing the sample into Queen, discrete sub populations. 2 Amendment. (stratum) which have an identifying characteristics. In Our Case our case, the population may be stratified by monetary value. For example, following strata may be created: Between Rs.

500,000 and Rs. Lord Cause Of Death. 1,000,000. The sample may be made from each strata allowing effort to be directed to the larger value items. Value weighted selection (Monetary unit sampling) When performing test of details, it may be efficient to identify sampling as the individual monetary units that make to the population. 2 Amendment. In this method, each monetary unit in a population has an equal chance of being selected for testing. Audit effort is directed to the larger value items because they have a greater chance of selection, and Queen Mary Essay can result in smaller sizes. Explain sampling risk and non-sampling risk? Sampling risk is the possibility that the sample may not be representative of population.

As a result, the auditor#8217;s conclusions based on the entire sample may be different from what would have been the 2 amendment conclusions had the auditor verified entire population. Sample risk for tests of controls. For test of control two types of sampling risk exist. 1. Risk of over reliance. Risk of over reliance is the risk that the auditor assesses control risk too low than it actually is. The risk is quite serious as the how was created auditor will inappropriately reduce substantive procedures. 2 Amendment Definition. As a result, the audit effectiveness is reduced.

2. Risk of under reliance. Risk of under reliance is the risk that the auditor assesses control risk (based on sample selected) to be too high than it actually is As a result it affects audit efficiency because the auditor will unnecessarily perform more substantive testing than is necessary. Sampling risk for substantive procedures. For substantive procedures, two.types of risks exist. 1. Risk of incorrect acceptance (beta risk) It is the risk that sample results will indicate that an account balance is lord cause not materially misstated when, in fact, it is 2 amendment materially misstated.

In such a case the effectiveness of Is a of Rights Essay, audit is impaired as it may lead to inappropriate audit opinion. 2 Amendment. 2. Risk of incorrect rejection (alpha risk) It is the risk that sample results will indicate that an hip hop created account balance is materially misstated when, in fact it is not misstated. This risk will affect audit efficiency because unnecessarily additional procedures will be performed. Non sampling risk arises due to following reasons: a) Audit procedures applied may not be relevant to the purpose test. b) Failure to recognize misstatement in the documents. Definition. c) Misinterpretation of a fact. d) Reliance on the responses of another party. State the difference between tolerable misstatement and tolerable rate of deviation? In the context of sampling, tolerable misstatement is the application of materiality to individual accounts. For example, if total assets Rs. 700,000 include inventories Rt 200,000, and the materiality is 2% of total assets, materiality level is Rs.

14,000. Tolerable misstatement for inventories is Rs. 4,000 (2% of Rs. 14,000). Tolerable rate of deviation is the maximum rate of deviation auditor will accept and lord of death still conclude that the internal controls are effectively operating.

Tolerable rate of deviation is the maximum rate of deviation auditor will accept and still conclude that the internal controls are effectively operating. Discuss matters to be considered in designing a sample? Sample designing involves. 2 Amendment Definition. Purpose of the how was hip hop test. Population from where sample is to be drawn. Audit procedure to achieve objective. Identification of misstatement or deviation. Purpose of 2 amendment definition, test : To detect overstatement of accounts payable.

Population: Suppliers invoices recorded during few days before end of accounting period. Audit procedure: Compare suppliers#8217; invoices with GRNs. Possible misstatement: Those suppliers#8217; invoices which are not supported by GRNs. If the how was hip hop purpose of test is to detect understatement of accounts payable: Purpose of test: To detect understatement of accounts payable. Population: Goods received notes issued during a few days before end of accounting Population Period. Audit procedure: Compare GRNs with suppliers#8217; invoices. Possible misstatement: Those GRNs where related invoices have not been recorded in purchase day book.

Note that the population from which sample is drawn and audit procedure should be relevant purpose of test. If the purpose of test is to ensure that dummy payables have not been recorded, the sample will be drawn from 2 amendment definition, accounts payable recorded by the client to ensure their validity. The validity is verified by ensuring that the goods have been received before the end of accounting period as evidenced by GRN. If the purpose is to detect understatement of accounts payable, the list of created, recorded payables is 2 amendment not a relevant population because we are more interested in searching for unrecorded liabilities rather than the liabilities which have already been recorded by the client. The purpose of the test will be achieved if we compare GRNs (for which goods have been received) to suppliers invoices to ensure that liabilities have been set up for jack lord cause, such goods. 1. Stratification is a technique of dividing population into sub population. 2. Definition. The sub population is generally based on rihanna 123, monetary values. 3. The technique is used in test of details and is particularly appropriate to detect overstatement of assets. 4. By using small sample size which covers large values in an account, audit efficiency and audit effectiveness are increased. 5. Generally, all items over 2 amendment definition book value of tolerable misstatement are tested.

Systematic selection method may be used on remaining items. 6. Class intervals are called strata. 7. The sample results are evaluated for each stratum separately. 8. Stratification reduces variability within the Canada Is a Country Essay population. 1. Value weighted selection or monetary unit sampling involves computing sampling interval by dividing sample size with population value. Definition. 2. Origin. The population is made up of fixed monetary units. 3. First item is selected randomly, other items selected are those which contain that monetary unit. 4. The method is 2 amendment definition useful to detect overstatement of asset or revenues. 5. Value weighted technique makes sure that all items above the monetary units are selected. Small balances stand a lower chance of being selected.

6. This technique is more appropriate when the population consists. of small number of high value items. 1. Systematic selection involves dividing population units by the sample size and selecting every nth item. How Was Hip Hop Created. The first item is selected randomly. 2. The method is quite simple to apply. 3. Auditor#8217;s bias is reduced. 4. The bias can further be avoided but taking two starting numbers. 5. The technique can be used even if the documents are not sequentially numbered. 6. Auditor this technique all items whether high value or low value have an equal chance of being selected.

7. Under this technique all items whether high value or low value have an equal chance of being selected. 1. Random number tables contain rows and 2 amendment columns. Such rows and columns are absolutely arbitrary. 2. The numbers are meaningless. 3. The auditor should use the random number table of the same digits as contained in the population. 4. The auditor reads the column and selects a starting point and marks the sampling unit to Is a Country of Rights and Freedoms be selected. 2 Amendment. 5. The selection is complete when the desired sample size has been identified. 6. The starting point is selected randomly. 7. If the same number is selected twice, the duplicate number can be ignored without increasing size.

8. The method avoids auditor#8217;s bias and cause of death all sampling units have a chance of being selected. 9. The numbers can be read top to bottom or right to 2 amendment definition left. 1. Rihanna 123. In block selection, all items contained in the particular blocks are verified. 2. The blocks normally- consist of numeric sequence or specificy months. For example, an auditor may select following blocks of sales invoices: All invoices in the above blocks will be verified. Further sampling is not advisable. 2 Amendment Definition. 3. The blocks may also consist of particular months. For example, sales invoices issued during March, June, and Queen or Bloody Mary August 2013. 4. Block sampling is not encouraged as all items in the population do not have a chance of 2 amendment definition, being selected.

Items are selected on arbitrary basis However the auditor should avoid bias, as much as possible so that the sample should be representative of population. This method should not be widely used because it does not have any basis. Discuss projection of misstatement? Projection of misstatement is an estimate of the most likely amount of monetary misstatement in a population. Country Of Rights And Freedoms. Projected misstatement is compared with tolerable misstatement. 2 Amendment. If the projected misstatement is less than tolerable misstatement, the auditor will conclude that the account balance is Queen or Bloody Essay reasonable. If the projected misstatement is close to tolerable misstatement, the risk of material misstatement in the account is too high. In such a case their auditor request the client to correct the identified misstatements or perform additional audit procedures. The auditor should also evaluate qualitative evaluation of misstatements For example, if the 2 amendment misstatements identified indicate existence of fraud the auditor will be more. Rihanna 123. concerned than misstatements resulting from clerical errors. Discuss some factors that would affect sample size for 2 amendment, tests of control? 1. The auditor intends to place more reliance on int control in order to about Going Down the Ship: Act reduce substantive procedures.

A large sample for test of control is required to provide more assurance that controls are effectively operating. 2. 2 Amendment Definition. The auditor#8217;s tolerable rate of deviation is relatively low. Mary Mary. If tolerable rate of deviation is 2 amendment definition low, a large sample size is required to confirm that the deviations are not excessive. A low expected rate of deviation may require a low sample size; a higher expected rate of deviation requires selection of large sample size. However, if expected rate of jack cause, deviation is unacceptably high, no test of controls need be performed as the auditor would not place any reliance on internal control.

Increase in 2 amendment definition, desired level of assurance. Same as in (l) above. State the matters to be considered in rihanna 123, evaluation cause and 2 amendment nature of how was created, deviation? The auditor should consider following qualitative aspects in evaluating and nature of 2 amendment definition, deviations. Whether the deviation is anomaly or repetitive?

Whether the deviation is intentional or unintentional? Whether the deviation is due to override of control by mangement? Whether the deviation directly affects financial statements?

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2 amendment definition

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Les Choristes : essai d’interpretation sociologique. Sommaire des nouveaux numeros. Votre alerte a bien ete prise en compte. Vous recevrez un email a chaque nouvelle parution d'un numero de cette revue. Erreur lors de l'enregistrement de votre alerte. Vous avez deja enregistre cette alerte. 2 Amendment? Vous pouvez gerer vos alertes depuis le menu Mon Comment analyser sociologiquement une image ? Il n’existe pas – encore – de methode pour ce genre d’analyse, affirme Sylvain Maresca, qui en profite pour faire de cette lacune une des causes expliquant la « cecite » des sciences sociales [2] [2] S. Of Death? Maresca, La photographie, un miroir des sciences. 2 Amendment? . Essay With Affordable Care? Et pourtant, poursuit-il, le sociologue aurait beaucoup a dire sur l’image sous toutes ses formes, n’en deplaise a Nathalie Heinich, pour qui l’?uvre d’art, analysee seule, n’est pas en soi un objet sociologique [3] [3] « Risque d’hegemonisme, adoption spontanee du point. 2 Amendment Definition? . Mary? A l’occasion du cours « Cinema et societe », organise dans le cadre de la licence de sociologie de l’Universite d’Evry (promotion 2004-2005), nous avons donc decide de tenter une experience : il s’agissait de tester une des rares methodes d’analyse, en l’occurrence celle d’Alain Malassinet, et de l’adapter a notre objet afin de mener une « analyse sociologique de l’image cinematographique ». C’est en 1979 que le sociologue Alain Malassinet publia une etude intitulee Societe et cinema. 2 Amendment Definition? Les annees 1960 en Grande-Bretagne : essai d’interpretation sociologique . Rihanna 123? Son hypothese etait la suivante : « Le succes d’un film est revelateur. 2 Amendment Definition? Il nous fournit un indice sur l’etat d’une societe dans son ensemble, et il offre au sociologue comme un miroir, plus ou moins fidele, de cette societe [4] [4] Paris, Lettres modernes, 1979, p. Jack? 45. 2 Amendment? . How Was Created? » Sa methode consistait a analyser sur dix ans les dix meilleurs scores du box office, et a les mettre en parallele avec les grandes mutations de la societe britannique des annees 1960.

Prolongeant Malassinet, nous sommes donc partis des dix succes cinematographiques francais en 2004 [5] [5] Les dix titres etaient : 1. 2 Amendment? Les Choristes : 8 573 906. Created? , puis de son champion si particulier, Les Choristes , un film qui connut a la surprise de tous quelque 8,5 millions d’entrees. 2 Amendment Definition? Au-dela des themes traditionnels de l’education, de l’autorite et de la nostalgie, souvent debattus [6] [6] Voir en particulier le travail de Jean-Pierre Garnier. How Was Hip Hop Created? , une lecture approfondie permet de degager d’autres axes d’analyse, bien moins evidents et consensuels qu’il n’y parait. Les Choristes (de Christophe Barratier) reprend tres exactement la structure, le scenario et parfois meme les dialogues d’un autre grand succes du box office (plus de cinq millions d’entrees), celui-la de 1945, La Cage aux rossignols (de Jean Dreville, avec Noel Noel). 2 Amendment? Malgre soixante ans d’ecart entre les deux films, la version 2004 est une copie tres proche de l’original, avec de nombreuses scenes reprises quasi a l’identique. Going With? Dans un remake aussi fidele, les differences, meme infimes, nous ont semble essentielles a analyser. 2 Amendment? Ce sera d’ailleurs le point de depart de notre methode : en quoi les evolutions de 2004, par rapport au film de 1945, nous offrent-elles un « miroir », pour reprendre l’expression d’Alain Malassinet, de cette societe qui a plebiscite ce remake [7] [7] Dans son texte precite, Jean-Pierre Garnier part de. Origin Of The? ? En premiere lecture, certaines modifications apparaissent tres nettement dans le scenario meme du film : le heros, qui se mariait a la fin en grandes pompes a l’eglise en 1945, part desormais dans un car avec un orphelin qu’il va adopter, contre toute logique. 2 Amendment? La mutation de la famille et un rapport radicalement different a la religion y sont evidemment pour quelque chose. Queen Mary Essay? Plus interessant, la prise de conscience collective, suite a la publication du roman du pion dans un journal de 1945, laisse place a une lecture individuelle des memoires de Clement Matthieu en 2004, sans aucune consequence sur le pensionnat ou sur la trajectoire du pion. Definition? Le film de 1945 montrait une reconnaissance de la societe envers Clement Matthieu, via le best-seller qui lui apporte gloire, fortune et amour (il peut enfin se marier a sa belle promise), tandis que le journal intime de 2004 reste dans un carton jusqu’apres la mort de Matthieu, pour n’en ressortir qu’avec la lecture solitaire ou presque de Morhange. Mary Mary Essay? Entre-temps, Clement Matthieu, « pion au chomage » (derniere ligne du journal), n’aura jamais « cherche a se faire connaitre », raconte Pepinot, fils adoptif de Matthieu. 2 Amendment Definition? Enfin, le feu accident (la colere divine de la foudre) de La Cage aux rossignols se transforme en main vengeresse du delinquant irrecuperable, ajout majeur de la version 2004.

Autant de modifications, infimes au regard de la similitude globale, mais qui vont orienter notre analyse selon trois axes : la place de l’enfant, le role de l’institution, et la question des inegalites – ou comment faire glisser les inegalites sociales vers des inegalites « naturelles », et donc legitimes et indiscutables. De 1945 a 2004, l’enfant est devenu un individu a part entiere. And Freedoms? Du moins, c’est ce que nous exposent les changements flagrants de mise en scene et de structure du film. 2 Amendment Definition? Alors que La Cage aux rossignols (la modification du titre, aussi, est revelatrice) debute par la vie du pion apres le pensionnat, puis presente en flash back son arrivee au pensionnat, accueilli par un adulte, le pere Maxence, Les Choristes nous plonge d’emblee du cote des enfants : l’ex-enfant Morhange, au moment ou sa mere decede (!), ou encore l’arrivee du pion Clement Matthieu au pensionnat, ou il rencontre en premier lieu un enfant, Pepinot, avant de voir le pere Maxence, son seul accueil de La Cage aux rossignols . Aux « enfants » de 1945, indifferencies dans la masse (voir le nombre tres important de plans larges dans le film), repond l’enfant-personne, l’enfant-individu de 2004 : les gros plans se multiplient sur des figures typees et facilement reconnaissables, tandis que leurs personnalites, leurs histoires et leurs paroles sont mises en avant. Country Of Rights Essay? La mise en scene de Barratier reproduit, de maniere inconsciente, une conception de l’enfant, personne et individu, tres eloignee des mentalites de 1945. Autre modification concernant les enfants : leur designation et leur rapport a la violence. 2 Amendment? En 1945, le pere Maxence previent tout de suite le pion : ici, ce sont des « mauvais gars », des vagabonds, des delinquants, des gamins de 10-15 ans, mais « pires que les grands ». Jack Lord Cause Of Death? Soixante ans plus tard, lorsque Gerard Jugnot pose la meme question au pere Maxence, ce dernier se retourne et lui repond : « on definition, ne vous a pas dit ? », suivi d’un long silence enigmatique, et pour le moins inquietant. Meme facon de faire quand il s’agit de filmer les rares actions violentes du film : 1945 nous montre sans souci la plaie du pere Maxence sur l’?il, alors que l’accident de 2004 n’est montre qu’a travers le regard du directeur sur la plaie, impossible a voir. Of The Word? « Ah quand meme », s’exclame-t-il en se detournant, visiblement degoute par la blessure [8] [8] On verra pourtant cette blessure plus loin, dans l’infirmerie. Definition? . About Going Down With The Ship: Affordable Act? Lorsque Clement demande a l’homme qu’il remplace la raison de son depart, le pion de 1944 repond un « j’en ai marre », mais celui de 2004 nous montre, de tres loin dans l’image, son bras avec un simple commentaire : « Dix points de suture. Definition? Un coup de ciseaux parce que j’avais confisque ses cigarettes a Mouton ». Placer la violence hors champ permet au realisateur d’en amplifier l’impact : les cineastes savent fort bien que l’imaginaire du spectateur est souvent plus impressionnant et plus efficace que le plus gore des maquillages.

D’autant que ce hors champ du film renvoie au hors champ social et que le spectateur n’aura aucun mal a classer ces deux actes dans la longue litanie qui circule, en boucle, sur ses ecrans de television. Origin Of The Word? De maniere tres claire, le delinquant des Choristes est le delinquant mediatique. Definition? On se rend compte que le film propose d’ailleurs un decalage tres interessant entre le son et les images a ce sujet : le son decrit des etres violents et sanguinaires, l’image des enfants plutot attachants, turbulents, mais somme toute assez calmes. La Cage aux rossignols finissait par une prise de conscience collective et une reponse immediate de l’institution face au « mouton noir » incarne par le mechant directeur de pension. Origin Theatre? Dorenavant, 2004 met en avant l’individu, l’initiative personnelle, et non plus le collectif. 2 Amendment? Le film expose ainsi la « fin » apparente de l’institution, ou plutot son desengagement net, et une prise en charge non plus globale, collective, mais realisee par un individu seul – prise en charge presentee comme preferable, meme si elle est aleatoire. Going Down The Ship: Act? Car ce que l’on peut deduire du film, c’est que l’institution n’a pas a regler ce genre de problemes, qui ne sont pas de sa competence. 2 Amendment? La reponse apportee est celle de la repression (le fameux « action reaction », ajout contemporain), seule action facilement generalisable et generalisee, la ou l’aspect « prevention », incarne par Jugnot, reste bien une volonte individuelle, mais certes pas une volonte et une mission collective.

D’ailleurs la « vraie » reussite, celle qu’encense le film, ne reside pas du cote du directeur, soit du cote de l’argent, mais au contraire dans le don de soi desinteresse. Rihanna 123? Le pion est la figure cle de l’engagement, voire quasiment du benevolat : pas de 35 heures ici, mais un travail permanent, sans frontiere franche – voir quand il compose le soir dans son lit pour le lendemain, alors que le pion de 1945 y redige juste son journal intime, plus tard le recit de son aventure. 2 Amendment Definition? Resultat de cet engagement personnel, « volontaire » : un Jugnot qui trouve dans son travail un epanouissement total. Going Down Affordable Care Act? L’argent pervertit tout… Cerise sur le gateau, ca fonctionne, dans le sens de l’institution cette fois. 2 Amendment? En marge du systeme, l’experience de Jugnot est recuperee par le directeur quand il s’avere que, « grace a la chorale », la delinquance diminue. Canada Is A Of Rights And Freedoms? Le directeur en profite pour tenter de decrocher sa medaille, tandis que Clement Matthieu, de l’autre cote, profite d’une semi-liberte artificielle pour se remettre a la musique et assouvir ses ideaux. L’equilibre de la pension est donc preserve via un principe d’illusion classique : ces moments de cohesion du groupe detournent les enfants de leurs conditions de vie precaires, qui ont donne lieu precedemment a de belles revoltes cinematographiques – Zero de conduite en tete. Definition? Alors que le pion tente de leur procurer un moment de liberte, la chorale sert au final des buts opposes, et permet un asservissement de tous sans heurt. Rihanna 123? Car ici, la revolte n’aura pas lieu, pas meme l’ombre d’une contestation : la chorale habitue les enfants a respecter une hierarchie sociale – l’elite Morhange, face auquel on 2 amendment definition, ne peut rivaliser, la masse, classe moyenne passive, et au bout de la chaine le manuel, dans le role du pupitre (d’ailleurs seul enfant « de couleur » dans le film de 2004). Going With Affordable Act? Cette experience « liberatrice » les entraine a accepter sans faille une division sociale du travail, justifiee par une hierarchie de fait incontestable.

Car la chorale, centre du film, est tout sauf une entreprise philanthropique, malgre les apparences. 2 Amendment Definition? Il y regne le culte de la competitivite et de l’excellence. Mary? Il n’y a pas de place pour ceux qui ne repondent pas aux criteres, et qui sont donc exclus du systeme et relegues au niveau d’objet, comme le petit garcon qui sert de pupitre. Definition? L’important n’est pas de participer, loin de la, mais d’etre le meilleur. Essay? Ce qui se confirme dans la sequence cle entrainant la comtesse, qui finance le pensionnat, a la « rencontre » de la chorale. Definition? Elle n’est certes pas venue encourager une « experience pedagogique innovante », mais elle vient au contraire apprecier l’excellence de la representation. Jack Lord? Ce n’est pas parce qu’ils chantent qu’elle vient voir les enfants, mais parce qu’ils chantent bien « contre toute attente ». Definition? A ce titre, la rencontre entre les classes sociales n’aura pas lieu. Cause Of Death? La comtesse a en face d’elle les codes et les normes de son monde, codes qu’imitent d’ailleurs bien difficilement les enfants : des fleurs et des compliments, des habits du dimanche, une chorale dans une eglise ou encore La Nuit de Rameau, pas forcement un « standard » parmi les « classes populaires ».

Le film deplace donc clairement la question des inegalites : elles ne sont plus sociales, mais naturelles [9] [9] Ou le principe de l’illusion, au sens de Clement Rosset. Definition? . How Was? Toute lutte est donc inutile. 2 Amendment Definition? Morhange est bon des le debut, don inne, alors que le pupitre aura beau travailler, il ne saura jamais chanter. Theatre? Idem avec Mondain, le mechant du film : il sera mechant du debut a la fin, et irrecuperable par la societe. 2 Amendment Definition? Il n’y a qu’a regarder son visage, face a celui de Morhange pour s’en convaincre. Rihanna 123? Le determinisme est omnipresent, sans echappatoire, comme lorsque le directeur decide de punir a l’aveuglette un enfant et que Matthieu, nouvellement arrive, designe Boniface, manifestement non coupable aux yeux de tous – trop beau pour cela… Idem lorsque Mondain est innocente du vol d’argent : « si Mondain n’est pas coupable aujourd’hui, il le sera une autre fois. 2 Amendment Definition? On ne peut rien pour ce genre d’individu », declare, premonitoire, le directeur. About Going Care Act? Sequence suivante : le pensionnat brule, vengeance de Mondain. Pourtant, pourrait-on objecter, l’ascenseur social fonctionne bien : Morhange, « malgre » son origine et sa mere celibataire, s’en sort, lui.

Qu’importe des lors que le destin des autres pensionnaires soit passe sous silence, il incarne a lui seul la « revanche » de ces enfants, et surtout pas d’une classe. 2 Amendment Definition? Ce n’est d’ailleurs pas n’importe quelle reussite sociale qu’on nous propose en ouverture du film, puisque Morhange est desormais un chef d’orchestre reconnu internationalement : New York, rien que cela. Mary Mary? Le sacrifice de Matthieu, puisque sacrifice il y a, au sens religieux du terme, ne sera pas vain et justifie cette entorse au systeme, derriere son apparente remise en cause. Definition? L’art ne sauve pas Morhange. Bref, la lutte des classes est morte et enterree, ne reste plus que la lutte de l’individu. Rihanna 123? Meme le pion « roule » pour lui : il ne fait pas confiance au collectif (ses trois collegues, restes sur place, feront licencier le directeur, pas lui), mais a ses actions personnelles, qu’il ne cherche pas a etendre, surtout pas pourrait-on dire. Definition? Deresponsabilisation collective, mais responsabilite individuelle. La grande difficulte, a ce stade d’analyse du film, est d’elargir ces premieres remarques. Country Of Rights Essay? Prenons par exemple la question du deplacement des inegalites : si on definition, accepte que ce theme est ainsi traite dans le film, qui parle ? Est-ce le realisateur qui percoit la societe contemporaine de la sorte ? Est-ce, de maniere totalement consciente, une production d’idees vehiculees aujourd’hui ? Est-ce au contraire le spectateur de 2004 qui recoit le film sous cet axe ? C’est cet aspect de la reflexion qui nous semble le plus interessant. Canada Is A And Freedoms Essay? Que le realisateur ait voulu ou non, de maniere consciente ou non, faire figurer ces themes, peu importe, et la reponse a ces questions ne sera jamais entierement satisfaisante. 2 Amendment? L’essentiel est qu’ils y soient, ou que, du moins, le spectateur de 2004 puisse les y trouver et trouver un echo a ses questionnements.

En ce sens, un film, meme pris seul, meme independant des gros corpus d’etudes qui constituent les recherches d’Alain Malassinet, ou de l’historien Pierre Sorlin [10] [10] P. How Was Hip Hop Created? Sorlin, Sociologie du cinema, Paris, Aubier Montaigne. Definition? , est effectivement, comme l’esquisse en creux Edgar Morin, un excellent analyseur des representations qu’une societe se fait d’elle-meme. Hip Hop? Le miroir qu’offre le film n’est jamais un miroir fidele, mais un miroir deforme par un point de vue socialement construit. 2 Amendment? Preuve s’il en est que l’analyse de l’image cinematographique reste un vaste champ d’analyse pour le sociologue, encore trop peu defriche, et qu’une reflexion methodologique de fond s’impose, trente ans apres les premieres pistes de Pierre Sorlin et d’Alain Malassinet. Maitre de conferences en sociologie a l’Universite d’Evry. S. Rihanna 123? Maresca, La photographie, un miroir des sciences sociales , Paris, L’Harmattan, coll. Definition? « Logiques sociales », 1996.

« Risque d’hegemonisme, adoption spontanee du point de vue des acteurs, manque de langage de description specifique : autant de raisons de douter que la sociologie soit une discipline bien armee pour etudier de pres les ?uvres d’art », in and Freedoms Essay N. Definition? Heinich, La Sociologie de l’art , Paris, La Decouverte, coll. Is A Country Of Rights And Freedoms? « Reperes », 2001, p. 2 Amendment Definition? 90. Paris, Lettres modernes, 1979, p. Essay? 45. Les dix titres etaient : 1. 2 Amendment? Les Choristes : 8 573 906 entrees ; 2. Canada Is A Country And Freedoms Essay? Shrek 2 : 7 141 481 entrees ; 3. Definition? Harry Potter et le prisonnier d’Azkaban : 7 138 546 entrees ; 4. Lord Cause? Spider-Man 2 : 5 313 855 entrees ; 5. 2 Amendment? Les Indestructibles : 5 109 167 entrees ; 6. Hip Hop Created? Un long dimanche de fiancailles : 4 380 797 entrees ; 7. Definition? Frere des ours : 3 567 214 entrees ; 8. Rihanna 123? Podium : 3 559 786 entrees ; 9. 2 Amendment? Deux freres : 3 325 541 entrees ; 10. Origin Of The Theatre? Gang de requins : 2 970 170 entrees (chiffres CNC). 2 Amendment? Peut-on voir, dans cette petite selection, une « revanche » des classes moyennes ? Les Choristes, Harry Potter, Spider-man 2, Les Indestructibles, Podium, et meme le film d’animation Gang de requins, partent tous du « looser », issu des classes moyennes qui, en cachette, par ses actions, devient une « star ». Voir en particulier le travail de Jean-Pierre Garnier, « Les Choristes : un analyseur des nostalgies populaires », in of the word theatre L’homme et la societe , n° 154, octobre-decembre 2004. Dans son texte precite, Jean-Pierre Garnier part de l’analyse croisee de trois succes populaires et inattendus, Les Choristes , Etre et avoir , et Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain . On verra pourtant cette blessure plus loin, dans l’infirmerie, et de face cette fois-ci. Ou le principe de l’illusion, au sens de Clement Rosset (in Le Reel et son double , Paris, Gallimard, coll. 2 Amendment? Folio Essais, reed. Rihanna 123? 1993), fonctionne bien : voir juste, mais tomber a cote dans les consequences ; on 2 amendment, voit bien qu’il y a des problemes, mais on Is a Country, en deduit que cela vient d’inegalites naturelles et non sociales.

P. 2 Amendment Definition? Sorlin, Sociologie du cinema , Paris, Aubier Montaigne, 1977. Comment analyser sociologiquement une image cinematographique ? Des que l’on s’interesse de pres a un ou plusieurs films, la question methodologique se pose. Origin Of The Theatre? Pour analyser Les Choristes – grand succes de 2004, revelateur de certaines logiques sociales de la societe francaise cette annee-la –, nous acceptons le postulat d’Alain Malassinet et comparons le film avec son inspirateur direct, La Cage aux rossignols (1945). 2 Amendment? Les differences entre l’original et son remake nous ont permis de questionner le film sous trois axes : la place de l’enfant dans la societe, le role des institutions, et le deplacement des inegalites sociales vers des inegalites « naturelles ». Origin Word Theatre? Mais jusqu’ou ces elements de base offrent-ils un miroir de la societe francaise de 2004 ? analyse sociologique du cinema remake methode Alain Malassinet enfant mise en scene inegalites sociales. How to 2 amendment analyze a film, in Is a Country a sociological way?

As soon as we start to 2 amendment definition focus on about With the Ship: Affordable Care Act, one or many film, we find a methodological problem. Definition? To analyze Les Choristes , number one in Queen Mary Essay the 2004 French box office and 2 amendment definition, so far, a mirror on origin of the, the French society of 2 amendment definition, 2004, according to rihanna 123 the theory of 2 amendment definition, Alain Malassinet, we choose to how was created compare this film with La Cage aux rossignols (1945). 2 Amendment Definition? The differences between this original and Mary or Bloody Mary Essay, its remake allowed us to 2 amendment definition discuss Les Choristes within three axes: the Canada Is a and Freedoms Essay child in 2 amendment our society, the of Rights place of the 2 amendment definition institutions, and jack lord cause, the end of the 2 amendment social disparities, replaced by rihanna 123, natural disparities. 2 Amendment? But do those few themes truly reflect the how was created French society of 2 amendment, 2004? utilise des cookies a des fins de statistiques. Rihanna 123? Ces donnees anonymes nous permettent ainsi de vous offrir une experience de navigation optimale. 2 Amendment? En continuant votre visite vous acceptez de recevoir ces cookies. Country Of Rights Essay? Vous pouvez toutefois les desactiver dans les parametres de votre navigateur web.

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They grab your attention and compel you to act. Above all, we believe that ‘Great Work, Works’. Co-Founder of 2 amendment, Contagious. Founders Paul Kemp-Robertson and Gee Thomson wanted to create a platform to explore alternative advertising ideas, assess the impact of emerging technologies and lord cause of death, champion a greater sense of purpose for brands. Contagious offers an 2 amendment definition, intelligence platform, dedicated consultancy, quarterly magazine and live events across the globe to champion brave, innovative creativity across the industry, and equip companies to achieve it for themselves. Editor-in-chief at WeTransfer. WeTransfer is a cloud-based computer file transfer service, with its core service being free. Rob was the former Editor-in-Chief at London-based creative spotlight publication It's Nice That. Having left this position originally to pursue freelance work, he was subsequently hired by WeTransfer as Managing Editor eight months later. The Future Laboratory. The Future Laboratory.

CEO of how was created, The Future Laboratory. The Future Laboratory have grown to become one of the worlds most renowned consultancies. They help clients to harness market trends, understand and adapt to emerging consumer needs, position their business for definition success and keep them ahead of competitors. Trevors career spans management consulting and advertising agencies in Canada, USA the United Kingdom, working with organisations such as Coca Cola, Chanel, Comic Relief, Ernest Young and BMW. Founder and CEO of of the theatre, Protein. Protein is an insight platform that collects the definition, best there is in global trends in a digestable feed. Cause! Protein help brands understand and connect with Influential audiences. The Protein networks includes a branding agency responsible for several campaigns with companies such as Nike, Absolut, Samsung, Range Rover and definition, Burberry. Yvonne Farrell and theatre, Shelley McNamara co-founded Grafton Architects in 1978 having graduated from University College Dublin in 1974.

Fellows of the RIAI, International Honorary Fellows of the RIBA and elected members of Aosdana, the eminent Irish Art organisation. Teachers at the School of Architecture at University College Dublin from 1976 to 2002, appointed as adjutant Professors at UCD in 2015, they have been visiting professors at EPFL, Lausanne 2010 – 2011, at Accademia di Archittettura, Mendrisio, 2008- 2010, where they were appointed as full Professors in 2013. Current projects include The School of Economics for the University of Toulouse 1 Capitol now under construction; Institute Mines Telecom University Building, Paris Saclay; Town House Building, Kingston University London; City Library, Parnell Square, Dublin; Headquarters for ESB with OMP architects in Dublin; The Paul Marshall Institute, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, for the London School of Economics, all won by international competition. 2 Amendment Definition! Bleed is an independent design consultancy with offices in Oslo and how was, Vienna. Bleed represents a mix of cultures and disciplines, creating strong and sustainable business value through strategy and design.

Astrid Stavro is Creative Director / Co-founder of Atlas, a brand and design consultancy, working from offices in definition, New York and Mallorca. Atlas deliver creative thinking and world-class design across a wide ranges of disciplines for clients far and wide, big and small, including: BMW, Camper, PHAIDON Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Red Grey Design. Red Grey Design. Bob is the Design Director of RedGrey, an Canada Is a Country of Rights and Freedoms, undergraduate lecturer in the National College of definition, Art Design and jack lord, a partner in the global strategic company, Adaptive Cultures. He understands the value of a design ecology and 2 amendment, the importance in rihanna 123, creating innovative programs that contribute functionally, economically and culturally to society. Recent clients include: Wild Atlantic Way, Ibec, The Vatican, and G7 Italia 2017.

Brian Nolan, Founding Partner. Paul McBride, Director. Detail is a creative design and communications company that specialise in design for print, screen and environment. They believe in analysis, simplicity and original output. Definition! Their process is based on an understanding of communication and its role for Canada and Freedoms Essay business, organisations and individuals. Their projects are large and small, simple and complex. Charlotte is Deputy Managing Director of Dynamo, a creative branding agency in Dublin. She is the winner of the 2017 IAPI Doyenne Award, which champions the women identified as future leaders of the creative industry. In an industry that is 2 amendment definition, split 50/50 men and women, only 18% of hip hop created, CEOs/Managing Partners are women, and definition, along with the day job, Charlotte is working on new ways to redress the gender balance.

Global Chairman, FutureBrand. Lead advisor to Malaria No More, Safe Kids International, Future Brilliance and rihanna 123, Solar Impulse. Brand Strategy and Marketing for Corporate, Consumer, Country and NGO Brands around the world. Colin Harmon, Owner of 3FE. 2 Amendment! 3fe stands for Third Floor Espresso and started life as a room Colins third-floor apartment where he trained for the World Barista Championships in 2009. 3fe started with an ethos of “make nice coffee, be nice to people and they'll probably come back. Over the years, even as the business continues to grow hugely, Colin says they haven't lost touch with that ideal. Triboro is the Brooklyn based design duo of David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler. In 2002 David was named as one of the top 20 designers under age 30 by rihanna 123 Print magazine.

In 2005 he was named an 2 amendment definition, ADC Young Gun. Triboro Design create design solutions for clients in publishing, art, fashion, music, lifestyle, and for cultural institutions. The studio excels both in building inspiring brands from the ground-up and in shepherding established brands into new territories. Clients include; Nike, HSBC, Beastie Boys, ESPN Google. Atelier is the studio practice of designers David Smith, Oran Day and their associates. An independent design practice that distinguishes itself from many commercial practices by working almost exclusively — as designers and Affordable, consultants — with public and cultural sector organisations, and within design education, on a project by project basis. Since its inception the practice has established an enviable reputation for definition the quality of its design work.

David Wall, is the co-founder of Workgroup, the Canada Is a Country of Rights and Freedoms, graphic design studio that creates useful, beautiful visual identities, websites, publications, design for print and environments and is responsible for the distinct 3fe brand. Iain Slater Founding Director. Kathryn Wilson Creative Director. Established back in 1994, Slater Design have been building brands and delivering design solutions to a broad range of clients for over 18 years. From world-renowned fashion designer, to a nationwide retailer, to local small businesses. In each case Slater Design have been an integral part of the definition, effective communication of Mary Essay, their business through brand consultation and design. Slater Design are recognised amongst the industry and have been published in a number of 2 amendment definition, design publications. DesignStudio is a global brand experience and design agency based in London and Essay, San Francisco. Definition! Recent rebrands include Airbnb, The Premier League and Deliveroo. DesignStudio creates work that makes a meaningful difference, builds loyalty, drives growth and connects communities across every aspect of the how was, brand experience.

Since 2000 the people of 2 amendment, Aad have been working hard trying to make the of the word, world a better place through design. 2 Amendment! For a brief 3 years from 04 – 07 the super hero that is Karl Toomey was one of those people, then he went to rihanna 123, London and raised hell. Now he’s back where he belongs with a story for theFuture that is sure to thrill, shock and amaze. As Designer in Residence at definition IBM Design, Lara collaborates daily with global teams to envision and contribute to Design practices, culture, and Design Thinking education at scale. Origin Of The Word! Based in Dublin, Ireland, Lara also lectures part-time at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design + Technology (IADT); and is the founder and 2 amendment, sustainable food enthusiast at entomo – an online platform that encourages the consumption of edible insects! You will also find Lara dabbling in generative design, storytelling and public speaking.

Lorna Ross is the Group Director at Fjord. Fjord combine design, strategy, and jack lord of death, development to achieve innovation for their clients. Lorna was one of the pioneering researchers to focus on wearable technologies and built a reputation for research activity in this arena. She later identified the theme of health as an emerging arena for design to thrive. She founded and led the Human Wellbeing Group at the MIT Media Lab. She recently returned to Ireland from the USA to 2 amendment, take up the position as the Group Design Director at Fjord in Dublin. Marco Coppeto is a 'full-time ancient monster hunter/designer' based in the Reykjavik office of Ueno. A full-service digital agency, designing and building digital products, brands and experiences. Or Bloody Mary Essay! Ueno branded the 2017 edition of ESPN’s Body Issue, and designed its mobile-first online version.

Some of their other clients include; Redbull TV, AirBnB Lonely Planet. Creative Director at FIELD. FIELD is a specialised creative studio in London. FIELD look to explore art and technology to create new formats of 2 amendment, visual communication. Clients incude; Nike, Toyota, Diesel and Deutsche Bank. Michael Horsham from Tomato which is made up of a group of artists, designers, musicians and writers.

Tomato creates and delivers cross platform, multi-media art and design projects: both commercial and research based, for national and international clients. They also publish books and artwork, create exhibitions, gives live performances, and host workshops lectures. Clients include: Absolut, CNN, Channel 4, MTV Nikon. Ouchhh is an Istanbul based independent creative new media agency with cross-discipline expertise in Art, Science and Technology. Godfrey Dadich Partners. Godfrey Dadich Partners. Founders Scott Dadich, former Editor in Chief of WIRED and Patrick Godfrey, former CEO of Godfrey Q. Godfrey Dadich are a pioneering design firm, building strategies, experiences and stories for brands, organisations, anyone looking to theatre, connect with an audience. Scott Dadich is the 2 amendment definition, Creator and Exectuive Producer of Abstract: The Art of Design, the 2017 Netflix original documentary series. American graphic designer, painter and rihanna 123, art educator in design, and the first female principal at Pentagram.

At the forefront of graphic design for four decades. Clients include, among others, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Bausch + Lomb, Coca-Cola, Shake Shack, Perry Ellis, the Museum of Modern Art, the Sundance Institute, the High Line, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Scher is featured in Netflix documentary “Abstract: The Art of Design” Founded in 1998 in Berlin, Pfadfinderei (Pathfinders / Boy Scouts) are a design and motion graphics studio specializing in creative services for stage entertainment, large-format media installations, tradeshows and events. Going beyond screen work, they apply innovative ideas to fusing light, video and spatial design. To this day, vectors and a reductionist approach to creativity are their hallmark and signature style. Sean Perkins is 2 amendment definition, a British Designer and the founder of North Design. North Design specialise in identities and branding, working with a number of how was, high-profile clients including The Barbican, RAC, First Direct The Royal Mint. Definition! A branding and creative agency. For DixonBaxi it’s about rihanna 123 effect and relevance. Increased awareness, audience engagement, internal culture and 2 amendment, business growth matters. Their clients include Nike, Eurosport, Sony, CNBC Telemundo.

Co-Founder of Is a Country and Freedoms Essay, Sagmeister Walsh. New York-based graphic designer, storyteller, and typographer. Has worked for the Rolling Stones, The Talking Heads, Lou Reed, Jay-Z, OK GO and The Guggenheim Museum, among many others. Co-directed a documentary The Happy Film, which recently premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. Thierry is one of Base Design’s founding partner creative director, active in 2 amendment definition, Brussels, New York and Geneva. To projects ranging from visual identities to Down With Affordable Care Act, ad campaigns, Thierry imparts a philosophy of graphic and conceptual simplicity that emphasizes concise communication. 2 Amendment Definition! “Don’t design for designers. Design for people” is of the word, one of his mottos. Thierry believes in 2 amendment, the power of creative autonomy mixed with teamwork and pleasure through ever-changing processes. Thierry bears a striking and seemingly contradictory resemblance both to Moby and Kermit the Frog. Tom Lahat is the Mary, Chief Designer and Co-Founder of 2 amendment definition, Algorithmic Branding Agency Tailor Brands, a venture backed startup company teaching computers to design and offering a self-service branding platform for theatre over 2,000,000 clients worldwide. Prior to 2 amendment definition, Tailor, Tom ran his own creative studio in Tel Aviv.

Tom has a vast experience in design and branding and worked for major brands such as Virgin, Sabra, and how was created, Max Brenner. It#039;s Nice That / Anyways. It#039;s Nice That / Anyways. Founded by Will Hudson Alex Bec, It’s Nice That champions the most exciting and engaging work online, reaching over one million people each month through their website, magazine, a summer symposium and the monthly talks series. Anyways are a creative agency that helps brands like Google, Uniqlo, BBC, Unilever, Nike, Converse, Metro, ASOS be more adventurous and meaningful.

They’ve regenerated local parks, written comedic billboards and 2 amendment definition, commissioned digital stickers and plenty more. Aisling is a fashion director based in rihanna 123, Dublin. Her work for commercial clients, publications, stores and designers involves projects from conception to activation. Editor and a Creative Director of Thread, an annually published print magazine which considers fashion as a design culture and a community, and places Irish talent in the industry within an international context. In 2015 she was the Fashion and Textiles Advisor for the ID2015. Slow: Series; an 2 amendment definition, idea put together by food writer and creative events planner, Aoife McElwain. The idea formulated into a series of talks and events, with the hip hop created, aim to bring together people who crave a bit of 2 amendment, slowness and to find out what we can learn from cause of death each other, through our experiences so far our hopes for the future. Technology Will Save Us. Technology Will Save Us. Bethany is a mom, CEO, designer, educator and art director interested in creating brands, businesses and experiences that help imagining a more positive and collaborative future. 2 Amendment! Bethany has been selected as one of the Designer’s that Matter by Wired Magazine, one of the of death, Top 50 Creative Leaders by Creative Review and has spoken at TED Kids, Resonate and 2 amendment definition, Maker Faire, to name a few.

Daniel is a dad, artist, educator and entrepreneur who uses technology as a vehicle for origin word delivering human centred learning experiences. Charlotte is a French art producer and curator. Definition! Always traveling and developing exciting new projects with some of the world’s most engaging visual artists, she is the founder and director of hip hop created, JUSTKIDS, a creative house that conceives, produces and promotes comprehensive art projects on an international scale with some of the world’s most engaging artists, curators, and strategic consultants. As a teenager Dean Stockton a.k.a D*Face found an interest in graffiti through the books of Henry Chalfant, “Spraycan Art” and “Subway Art”. In 2005 he opened his own StolenSpace gallery in London. His style is easily recognizable as he uses pictures of cultural icons (Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, the Queen, etc.). He also gets his inspiration from the works of artist Roy Lichtenstein. His goal is “to encourage people to not only see, but also to look around them, to 2 amendment, rethink the stereotypes of Essay Going Down With the Ship: Care Act, our culture, to not remain passive before the reign of conspicuous consumption”. Come and hear him on Saturday at The Vision Stage! Founder Editor for Riposte Magazine. Riposte Magazing is an 2 amendment definition, award winning smart magazing for women, which was launched as an alternative to created, mainstream women's magazines.

Riposte Magazine profile bold and fascinating women whose achievements speak for themselves. The DO Lectures / Hiut Denim Co. The DO Lectures / Hiut Denim Co. Co-Founder of The Do Lectures and Hiut Denim Co. The idea behind The DO Lectures is a simple one— that people who Do things can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things, too. Clare and David Hieatt set out to bring the DO-ers of the world together and ask them to tell their stories. And with Hiut Denim Co. the pair or do-ers set out to restart the jeans making industry in David’s home town of Cardigan, West Wales.

Elva Carri is founder of GirlCrew, an 2 amendment, exciting and innovative platform for women to make new friends. Essay Down The Ship: Affordable Act! GirlCrew began one Friday night when Elva wanted to go dancing but had no one to go with, all her friends being busy or too tired. Believing there had to be other women in the same position, she put a call out for some platonic dancing buddies on Tinder. She had no idea she would quickly garner more than 100 enthusiastic matches. She added everyone to a secret Facebook group and GirlCrew was born. 2 Amendment! CEO of Love Robots. Country Of Rights! Designer Creator based in Dublin, Ireland. Love Robots is an interactive design brand that offers customers with personalized 3D printed and definition, locally-made accessories. It enables customers to hip hop created, influence, re-design, and personalize products such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bow ties, coasters, wall art, and phone cases.

The products are 3D-printed on-demand and 2 amendment definition, shipped from a factory local to buyers. Love Robots was founded by Miguel Alonso, Emer O’Daly, Kate O’Daly, and Aoibheann O’Daly in 2012 and is based in Dublin, Ireland. The Design Kids. Rihanna 123! The Design Kids. Frankie Ratford, The Design Kids, Director . The Design Kids is an online resource for student and graduate Graphic Designers, to help new graduates get a job in the design industry. James Earley is a contemporary urban artist based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been active since 1997. James' distinctive style celebrates and pays homage to his family's rich artistic past. His family ran Earley Studios, a firm specialising in 2 amendment, stained glass artworks for over 100 years (1864-1975) within the city centre of Dublin. James' approach to creating work reflects his background in design and his involvement in graffiti. He is most interested in exploring the possibilities that technology offer in creating highly crafted works similar to Earley Studio's but very much in of death, a current, progressive and contemporary manner.

A New York-based artist, product designer and author. He has exhibited around the 2 amendment, world with shows at origin of the theatre the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, La Casa Encendida Museum in Madrid, the 2 amendment definition, Madre Museum in Napoli, Cappellini in NYC and the 798 Arts District in Beijing among others. Mary Essay! The New York Times, featured him in the 100 Best Illustrators in the World and definition, his studio creates designs for Converse, Swatch, Kidrobot, Kiehl's, Uniqlo and LeSportsac. Johnny Kelly is an Irish animator and director who lives in London. His work spans from illustration, to stop frame animation, CGI and everything in between. His stop motion film that he directed for Chipotle entitled 'Back to Mary, the Start', won the 2 amendment definition, Film Grand Prix at the Cannes Advertising Festival. Some of Johnny's clients include Facebook, Google, Apple, BMW, The New York Times, and how was, Coca Cola. Makers Brothers is a project that has been developed by two brothers, Jonathan and Mark Legge.

It is an online retail venture founded on a belief in the simple things; the 2 amendment definition, handmade, objects of integrity, contemporary vernaculars, a curation of Is a Country of Rights and Freedoms, everyday design and craft. Makers Brothers define craft as a process; a production by hand or machine. Art Director for Adult Art Club. Based in the UK, Adult Art Club is a creative practice working in the area of design, art direction, illustration and image making. 2 Amendment Definition! The studio designed the artwork for Ed Sheeran’s album Divide.

The cover of the rihanna 123, album appeared on screens and browsers all over the world, with the 2 amendment, album having been streamed 56,73 million times on Spotify on the day of release. In stores, the album sold 672,000 copies in the UK on the week of the release. Kaave Pour is a 27 year old award winning creative and cultural entrepreneur, who started his first company at the age of 14. He currently oversees the position as Creative Director for SPACE10, IKEA's new future living lab and was also the driving force behind Trailerpark I/O. Kaave is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer. SPACE10 is IKEA’s external future-living lab.

SPACE10's mission is to rihanna 123, explore global challenges, detect potential disruptions and definition, most importantly bring together radical thinkers and Essay about Going With the Ship: Care Act, specialists from around the world to ideate, prototype and design new concepts, that enable a better, more sustainable and meaningful way of living. Co-founder and creative director of Amsterdam-based design company Droog, Renny Rawmakers initiates projects, curates exhibitions, and lectures worldwide. Educated as an art historian at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, Ramakers has since been more interested in making history by stretching the borders of design thinking. Her aim is to deliver cutting edge content and 2 amendment definition, unexpected perspectives in an interdisciplinary and a down-to-earth way. Creative Director. Sharon is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work takes many forms from idea generation to art direction, site-specific art installations, event curation, space transformation, creative consultation, experiential brand identity, styling and more. Queens of Neon is Mary or Bloody Mary, a multi-dimensional Dublin based creative collective. Past clients include Absolut, Body Soul Festival, Guinness, Nokia, Jameson Squarespace. Professor of Fashion at definition Parsons. Shelly Fox at Parsons.

Professor of Fashion at Parsons. Shelly Fox is The Donna Karan Professor of Fashion at Parsons, where she directs the new Master of Fine Arts program in Fashion Design and Society. An award-winning designer, Fox has created numerous experimental and innovative collections that were sold internationally and have been included in prestigious exhibitions at rihanna 123 the Victoria and Albert Museum, Design Museum, Barbican Art Gallery, Crafts Council, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, to name a few. Her work is published broadly in fashion, design, and art journals, as well as academic publication. Definition! Artist born raised in origin of the word theatre, Philadelphia, Steve Powers began writing the name ESPO which started around his neighbourhood and 2 amendment, soon spread around the world. A Fulbright scholar in 2007, he used the hip hop, grant to paint the streets of Dublin Belfast. 2 Amendment! He lives and works in New York, where he creates and sells his work from his store 'ESPO's Art World'. Steve has published five books, including his newest publication, compiling the how was hip hop, last six years of global public Art projects, A Love Letter to the City. What Design Can Do (WDCD) was initiated in 2011 as a platform to showcase design as a catalyst of change and as a way of 2 amendment definition, addressing the societal questions of our time.

The story is told through their annual conference in Amsterdam, additional conferences in other parts of the world, the With the Ship: Act, worldwide What Design Can Do Challenge, as well as their own publications and the WDCD blog. Their aim is to present best practices and visions, to provoke discussion and to facilitate fruitful exchange between disciplines. They want to demonstrate the definition, power of about Down Care, design; to show that it can do more than make things pretty! Village is where we take everything that is happening across the three stages and distill it down into a series of interviews, discussions, conversations and themed debates on the issues and topics affecting or set to influence in the future. Hosted by This Greedy Pig, in collaboration with various creative organisations, we’ll be looking at 2 amendment definition topics including Curating Cities, The Gender Gap Balance, Workplaces That Work For Everyone, Mind Your Head, The Rise and Impact of Influence, Cultivating Communities and lots more besides.

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Endometriosis: General Information. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Endometriosis is a condition that occurs when tissue similar to the inside of the definition uterus is rihanna 123, found outside of 2 amendment its normal location. The only way to Essay the Ship: Affordable Act, be 100% sure that a person has endometriosis is to 2 amendment, have a laparoscopy. There is no cure for endometriosis, but treatment can improve symptoms and preserve fertility. Endometriosis, pronounced, “end–o–me–tree–o–sis” can affect girls of all ages. It is a condition that occurs when tissue similar to the inside lining of the uterus is found outside of its normal location.

Endometrial implants can be found on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and Down Affordable Act ligaments that support the uterus and tissue covering the bladder and rectum. Definition! The most common locations of endometrial implants in teens are in hip hop, the cul–de–sac area (behind the uterus), and definition near the origin of the word bladder. What are the symptoms of endometriosis? Endometriosis causes different symptoms in young women. Pelvic pain and/or severe period cramps are the most common symptoms. Definition! There can be pain before, during or after your period. The pain may occur at rihanna 123, regular times in definition, your cycle or it may occur at any time during the origin word month. 2 Amendment! It is often referred to as “chronic” pelvic pain. The location of the lord of death endometrial implants and the way in 2 amendment definition, which the how was lesions affect the pelvic organs contribute to the symptoms teens may have. Some teens may have pain with exercise, sex, and/or after a pelvic exam.

Although not as common, some teens may have painful or frequent urination, diarrhea or constipation with pelvic pain. 2 Amendment! It’s important to remember that some teens have a lot of jack lord cause of death endometriosis and 2 amendment definition have very little pain, while others may have a small amount of endometriosis and severe pain. Although we know that some young women may be slightly more likely to develop endometriosis because female relatives have it, the fact is we do not know the cause of this disease. The three most accepted theories are: Sampson’s Theory: This theory explains that the flow of menstrual blood gets “backed up” causing some of the blood to flow in word, a reverse direction.

This process causes blood containing endometrial tissue to attach to surfaces outside of the uterus. Meyer’s Theory: This theory proposes that specific cells called “metaplastic cells” change into 2 amendment endometrial cells and lord cause are actually present at birth. Vascular Theory: This theory suggests that the endometrial tissue “travels” through the body via blood vessels. Definition! It then reaches various tissues, implants, and Mary or Bloody then grows, causing pain. The ONLY way to 2 amendment definition, be 100% sure of this diagnosis is to how was, have a procedure called a laparoscopy. There is no blood test, x–ray, ultrasound, or MRI that can diagnose endometriosis at this time. A laparoscopy allows your doctor to look inside your belly at your pelvic organs with a special lens to identify the 2 amendment endometriosis (implants). Other tests that may be ordered before a laparoscopy might include blood tests, vaginal cultures to check for infection, ultrasound or an MRI (to make sure it’s not something else). Why have I heard that some adult women may have trouble getting pregnant? If endometriosis is not found and treated, it can grow and Canada Is a of Rights and Freedoms damage the fallopian tubes and ovaries. This can make it more difficult to 2 amendment definition, get pregnant.

Studies done at Boston Children’s Hospital have shown that if endo is found in teens and treated early, it does not tend to get worse over time. Is there a cure for endometriosis? While there is no cure for Essay about Going Affordable Care endometriosis, you can be treated with surgery and 2 amendment definition medicine to keep the endometriosis from getting worse and harming your future fertility. It is very helpful to use a Pain and Symptom Tracker to record your pain for about Down With the Ship: Affordable Care a while. Another method to locate and definition describe your pain is “Pain Mapping”. Rihanna 123! Make a copy of your Pain and Symptom Tracker and Pain Mapping worksheets, fill them out, and bring them with you to your appointments. These tools will help you explain your pain to your medical team. Ways to help you describe pelvic pain: Type (sharp, dull, burning, aching, crampy) Location (where the pain is) Duration (how long the pain lasts) Intensity (on a scale of 1–10, how “bad” the pain is) What kinds of 2 amendment definition treatment are available?

Once a diagnosis of endometriosis has been made, treatment falls into the following categories. Observation: After an evaluation and before beginning hormonal therapy, you and your gynecology (GYN) team may decide to keep track of and Freedoms Essay your symptoms and try mild pain medicine. This is definition, usually the first step for girls with premenarcheal endometriosis (who are too young to have had their first period). Medical suppression: Hormonal treatment such as birth control pills containing estrogen and progesterone taken continuously (to stop periods) relieves symptoms in many patients. A second treatment is progesterone medicine alone. This comes as a progestin–only birth control pill in a pill pack (Nor–QD® or Camilla®) or as a regular pill that comes in a bottle Norethindrone acetate (Aygestin®). The dose of Aygestin® can be adjusted for your body to stop your pain and bleeding. Another type of medication is a GnRH agonist, such as Leuprolide acetate (Lupron–Depot®).

This medicine works by shutting off hormones made by the ovaries and temporarily stops your period. The use of GnRH agonist therapy lowers your body’s estrogen level (one of the word theatre hormones that causes your body to 2 amendment definition, have periods). Surgery: Visible endometriosis will be destroyed at Essay Care Act, the time of laparoscopy. After this procedure, many teens find relief from symptoms. Most say that their pain is definition, better, but not completely gone. Remember, there is no cure for endometriosis. Many teens may experience pain again. Lifestyle changes: Dealing with chronic pelvic pain can be challenging. Exercising often helps to relieve or lessen pelvic pain and created menstrual cramps. 2 Amendment! Eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest also helps your body manage pain. Practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation help to ease pain too.

Pain treatment services: If you do not have relief from your symptoms, your gynecologist may refer you to a pain treatment program for an evaluation. Following an how was created evaluation, services such as biofeedback, physical therapy, acupuncture and exercise programs may be offered. Complementary medicine: Acupuncture, herbal remedies, homeopathy and healing touch are among popular adjunct approaches to 2 amendment, medical treatment. Many of these therapies can be helpful, however not every complementary therapy has been scientifically proven to be safe and origin of the effective. 2 Amendment! Research studies are limited. Before experimenting with any alternative therapy, make sure that you are working with a licensed provider that has been referred to you. What else do I need to know about Queen Mary or Bloody Mary Essay, endometriosis? Young women CAN suffer from symptoms of definition endometriosis.

Medical studies have found this disease in teenagers and young children. Chronic pelvic pain is Essay Going With Act, NOT normal. Most young women have none or mild to moderate menstrual cramps one or two days a month. 2 Amendment! If you are absent from school because of pelvic pain or menstrual cramps, tell your GYN team. Hip Hop! Endometriosis occurs among women of ALL races. 2 Amendment Definition! Endometriosis is NOT an STI (sexually transmitted infection). Hip Hop! Getting pregnant does NOT cure this disease but may improve symptoms for some women.

Some women with endometriosis who have had children continue to have pain. If your pain makes you feel at all disadvantaged compared to other young women or men, this is 2 amendment, not normal. Don’t “normalize” your symptoms. If you don’t feel like you are equally capable as other young women your age (because of pelvic pain), you need to seek medical treatment. Endometriosis: Pain and Symptom Tracking. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Keeping track of pelvic pain, menstrual cramps, and Queen or Bloody Mary Essay other symptoms such as pain when you pass urine or when you have a bowel movement is important.

Be sure to write down any symptoms you have, the number from 1–10 that describes the degree of pain, and where it is located. If you are taking continuous hormone pills and 2 amendment you do not have periods, you can use the about Going the Ship: Affordable Act chart to track any other symptoms, including breakthrough bleeding. Be sure to check out the Sample Pain and Symptom Tracker and 2 amendment carefully read the keys at the bottom before you start filling out your own tracker. Make a few copies of My Pain and Symptom Tracker. Write the name of the month at the top of the page and jack lord cause begin tracking your pain and symptoms. Definition! To fill in the bleeding “Amount” row, look at the Blood Flow Amount Key at jack, the bottom of the page to figure out which letter (S, L, N, or H) best describes your flow.

Figure out which letter best describes the location of your pain (M, L, or R) by taking a look at the “Pelvic Pain Location Key” at definition, the bottom of the page. Write it down in hip hop, the Pelvic Pain “Location/Intensity” row. Then, decide which number best describes your pain (0 = no pain, 10 = the worst pain you have ever had) by 2 amendment looking at the Pelvic Pain Numerical Rating Scale at origin word, the bottom of the page. Write that number down in the same row. Example = M/5. If you don’t have any pain symptoms or breakthrough bleeding on any given day, just leave the definition box empty. Remember to bring your Pain and Symptom Tracker with you to your GYN appointments. Sometimes it’s hard to describe exactly where your pelvic pain is, so we created this special tool to help you “map your pain”. Lord! Pain mapping using colored pencils or markers is a unique way to show your medical team the location of your pain. Simply color in the area where you have pain. You can create your own “key” using different colors.

For example; you may use the 2 amendment color red to origin word, show the 2 amendment definition location of Essay Going Down With the Ship: Act severe pain, while you may choose the color orange to indicate moderate pain—it’s up to you, you’re the artist. We’ve included a sample pain mapping worksheet to show you an 2 amendment definition example of Mary or Bloody how to map your pain. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Even though everyone experiences pain differently, it can be helpful to think of your pain in two ways: the physical pain you have, and how your pain impacts your life. Your physical pain may include ongoing pelvic pain, painful periods, and less often, bowel and bladder problems. How your pain impacts your life may include challenges such as: isolation from friends due to unexpected bouts of physical pain, not being able to participate in sports or other activities (because of chronic pain and/or fatigue), and 2 amendment definition anxiety over school work because of jack cause absences.

Also, your pain can take a toll on those who care about definition, you, such as significant others and family members. This can cause added tension and stress. For all of these reasons and more, you may feel frustrated because your health feels out of how was hip hop your control. Take a moment to identify your physical symptoms and 2 amendment definition how they impact your life. Stress-relieving techniques: Learning to Queen or Bloody Mary Essay, manage the stress in definition, your life is important under any circumstances but it is essential when you are living with chronic pain. Many young women with endometriosis feel overwhelmed with managing both their pain and the various stressors that impact their lives. Here are some examples of ways to manage the stress of chronic pain:

Exercise Sleep 8–9 hours each night Take naps when you need them Meditate daily Eat 3 healthy meals a day with nutritious snacks in between Do things you enjoy when you feel well Stay in touch with your friends in person, by phone, or online Keep up with your schoolwork (so you don’t feel overwhelmed or get behind) Practice yoga Learn when to push yourself and how was hip hop when not to definition, Keep to routines as much as possible Plan ahead with your parents/caregivers for of the word theatre unexpected “flair–ups” of pain Talk to definition, a counselor. It is also helpful to cause of death, have your own personalized list of things to do when you have a pain flare–up. Definition! Your list can include things such as taking a warm bath or shower, lying down with a heating pad, doing yoga poses, reading a good book, watching a favorite DVD, or listening to music. Managing your pelvic pain at school: Does your endometriosis pain get in the way with your plans to attend school or your ability to stay for a full day? Does your academic performance and rihanna 123 grades sometime suffer due to absences, missed assignments or difficulty keeping focused? Perhaps you’ve also experienced tension with your family, and/or teachers due to poor school attendance and performance issues. 2 Amendment! Dealing with pelvic pain in a school setting can be very stressful, particularly if your teachers and school nurse are not aware of the rihanna 123 pain you have to 2 amendment definition, cope with most days. Below are tips to help you manage the realities of being a student with chronic pelvic pain. Notice that all of the tips depend on BEING PREPARED. Know your pain tolerance threshold. Your pain will likely be mild some days, but other days it may be severe.

Use “My Pain Symptom Tracker” to track your pelvic pain and any related discomfort you have each month. Jack! Talk with your parent(s) or guardian(s) about what you can tolerate in 2 amendment definition, school and what you cannot manage. This is best done at Queen Mary or Bloody, a pain–free time when you are calm and are thinking clearly. Communicate with your close friends about what it’s like to have endometriosis, so they can understand why you sometimes miss school or activities, and 2 amendment be supportive. About Going The Ship: Act! Identify an adult contact person at school. For example, you can ask a school nurse, favorite teacher or class aide to be your “point person” who you can go to for support. 2 Amendment Definition! Choose someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your endometriosis history, and who can help and be supportive while you are at Mary Mary, school. Definition! Share information about endometriosis with your contact person, teachers, school nurse, coaches, and friends.

Those around you are likely to be more understanding and of the theatre supportive if they know what endometriosis is, and how it impacts your life. Definition! Make a plan for pain at school. Or Bloody Mary! Talk with your school nurse and find out if there is a place at school where you can lie down if you are in pain. Listening to 2 amendment definition, relaxing music may also help. Identify a person in each of your classes (friend or teacher) who will automatically e–mail you the Canada Is a of Rights and Freedoms homework assignment if you miss class. 2 Amendment! Give yourself enough time in the morning to how was created, get ready for school. You may need to 2 amendment, wake up earlier than your friends or siblings to get ready, especially if you are having pain. Do not assume that every day you wake up with pain means that you have to stay home from school or that the day is of Rights Essay, “lost to pain”. Try to go to school every day even if you have some pain in 2 amendment, the morning: chances are that your pain will get better or go away once you get moving and you are distracted. If your pain becomes unmanageable, you can get dismissed and go home then.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious meals and healthy snacks and get at least 8–9 hours of sleep every night. Do some kind of physical activity that you enjoy, for about 60 minutes every day. Activities could include, walking, riding your bike, dancing, playing a sport, etc. Is A Of Rights And Freedoms! Try not to fall behind in your schoolwork. If you need extra help in 2 amendment, a class talk with your teacher before your schoolwork piles up. If you have to be absent from school for more than a week, find out about having a home tutor. Keep in hip hop created, touch with your friends. 2 Amendment! Even when you are absent, talk to Essay about Going Affordable Act, at least one of your friends every day either on the phone, via text messages, e–mail, or on definition a social networking site.

You will feel less isolated and it will be easier when you return to school. Be proactive. Use the worksheet to make a list of things you can do to personally manage your pelvic pain at school. Write down the rihanna 123 ways you feel your endometriosis has affected your school life, and then make a list of the 2 amendment definition things you will try to do to improve the way you manage your pain at rihanna 123, school. Be sure to include strategies that have worked. Managing activities, friendships, and chronic pain: Living with chronic pain can impact all areas of a person’s life, even those areas that are typically fun and 2 amendment definition enjoyable. Having pain from Queen Mary Mary endometriosis can sometimes get in the way of definition being able to Canada Is a Country of Rights and Freedoms Essay, do things with your friends both on a daily basis and for special events. You and others around you (friends, parents, coaches, and teachers) may feel frustrated and discouraged when your pain makes you pass on invitations or when you avoid activities. You may even worry about canceling plans too many times with your friends or not being a “good friend”. One helpful technique is to anticipate how you may be feeling and how you will deal with unexpected pain in social situations.

Here are some thoughts and advice from girls with endometriosis who try to 2 amendment, rule the pain, not let the pain rule their lives: Be in touch with at Essay about Going, least one person outside of definition your family every day. Organize activities that can be held at your house (such as craft parties, reading groups, board–game marathons, watching movies) if it is more comfortable to how was, be home. Make sure your close friends, coaches or activity directors understand that your pain is a real medical condition. Definition! Educate them with information about endometriosis.

Is there an activity you really want to do but are scared about Canada Is a Essay, fulfilling the requirements or keeping the commitment? Many group activities require a wide variety of participants in 2 amendment, many roles. About Going Down With The Ship: Care! Explore the options with the group leader, explaining that you want to be involved in a way that you can handle. Plan ahead: Do you have an event coming up that feels more stressful than fun? Go back to definition, your personalized list of things you can do in anticipation of pain. If you do have to cancel with friends or family, or you realize you cannot participate in word theatre, an activity as planned, try to take it in stride: explain promptly, offer alternative options, and take care of 2 amendment definition yourself. Mary Or Bloody Mary! Your friends, family, and others will respect you more for being honest rather than not showing up without an explanation. Make a list of things that you love to do, and 2 amendment definition try to do one thing each day! Complementary therapies for pain management: Some young women are helped by surgery, some by medication, and Mary or Bloody Mary some with a combination of both.

Many young women find that adding complementary therapies to traditional treatment helps them manage their pelvic pain more effectively. Yoga involves a series of poses and gentle stretches. There are many different kinds of 2 amendment yoga. Rihanna 123! You can explore yoga classes at your YMCA, health center and yoga studios. Many girls find it helpful to take yoga classes. There are also many good DVD’s that teach yoga; borrow one from your local library. Acupuncture is an Eastern Asian Medicine that involves the insertion of very fine needles into “acupuncture points” in the body. This is 2 amendment definition, thought to stimulate the.

body’s nervous system to release certain chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain, which in turn release other chemicals and jack lord of death hormones in the body that. may help to improve pain and other discomforts. Acupuncture may be covered by 2 amendment your health insurance. Massage is rihanna 123, another complementary practice which some girls with pelvic pain find helpful. There are several kinds of massage therapies available. Often massage treatments are combined with gentle heat.

Endometriosis: Nutrition and 2 amendment definition Exercise. Posted under Health Guides. Rihanna 123! Updated 20 January 2017. Eating a well-balanced diet will keep you healthy. Take a multivitamin if you’re not eating foods from all of the 2 amendment food groups. Lord! Exercising may help improve your endo symptoms.

If you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to feel better besides taking medication. Healthy nutrition and exercise play an important role in maintaining overall health. Is there a special diet for girls with endometriosis? We know that some foods can boost our immune system and protect our bodies from some illnesses and diseases. Unfortunately, there has been very little research done to figure out if eating certain foods can help improve endometriosis symptoms.

Although, we do know that young women who eat lots of 2 amendment definition fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats while limiting their intake of jack red meat and unhealthy fats are less likely to have endometriosis. Some young women with endometriosis say they feel better when they eat a nutritious diet and definition some experts believe that eating certain foods can help endometriosis symptoms by reducing inflammation and how was hip hop estrogen levels in the body. Even if eating nutritious food doesn’t necessarily make your “endo” symptoms better, there are lots of definition other benefits to a healthy diet. Consider making changes that can improve your overall health: Eat a high fiber diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and nuts Limit saturated fat by eating mostly plant–based foods, choosing low–fat dairy products, and selecting lean meats Eat more sources of omega–3 fats such as fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines) , fish oil, canola oil, flaxseeds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds. How can I make sure I am getting all of the Mary or Bloody nutrients I need? Eating a balanced diet with lots of definition fruits and vegetables, whole grains, plant–based protein, lean meats, and Canada Country of Rights healthy fats can help you get all of the vitamins, minerals, and definition other nutrients you need to keep your immune system and body healthy. Do I need take a vitamin supplement? If you eat three nutritious meals a day and healthy snacks which include a variety of fruits and how was hip hop created vegetables, protein, dairy foods, and whole grains, you are probably getting enough of 2 amendment definition most vitamins and minerals through the food you eat.

If you aren’t getting in all of your food groups on a regular basis, you may want to consider taking a daily multivitamin so you will get the total amount of nutrients that your body needs. Talk to your health care provider (HCP) to see if you should take a multivitamin or other dietary supplement. Some endometriosis medications work by lowering estrogen levels. Essay! If you are on 2 amendment an estrogen–lowering medication for more than 6 months, you may be at risk of developing osteoporosis (brittle bones). Ask your health care provider if you should take calcium and vitamin D supplements to how was hip hop created, help protect your bones. What about other vitamins and 2 amendment definition herbs?

You may see ads or stories on the internet, in magazines, and even personal blogs that claim certain vitamins and herbs help to Essay about Going With the Ship: Affordable Care Act, treat endometriosis. Definition! The truth is, there are no published scientific studies that prove that extra supplements improve endometriosis symptoms. It is important to remember that some herbs (such as ginseng) can actually interfere with medications that treat endometriosis because they contain plant–estrogen. It is always best to about Going Down With Affordable Act, talk with your health care provider first before taking any over–the–counter herbs. What information should I pay attention to on food labels? It’s always important to pay attention to food labels when grocery shopping. The Nutrition Facts Label is on most foods (except fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables) and 2 amendment definition has important information including portion size and what vitamins/minerals the food contains. Will exercise make my endometriosis symptoms worse? Probably not. In fact, exercise may actually improve endometriosis symptoms.

Daily exercise (about 60 minutes each day) such as walking, swimming, dancing, or other activities will help you maintain a healthy weight and Essay about Affordable Act give you energy. 2 Amendment Definition! It’s a good idea to rihanna 123, check with your HCP or physical therapist to find out whether it’s okay to participate in very active sports or other strenuous exercise, and the right about and type of 2 amendment exercise that’s best for you. Rihanna 123! Occasionally, very active exercise such as running and jumping may bring on definition or increase endometriosis symptoms or other medical conditions. Can exercise improve my endometriosis symptoms? Yes. Jack Lord Of Death! Here are a few reasons why exercise may help your endometriosis symptoms: Exercise releases endorphins. When we exercise, our brain releases “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. Definition! These naturally occurring hormones work like pain relievers to lower pain.

It only takes about ten minutes of moderate exercise (any exercise that makes you sweat or breathe hard) for theatre your body to start making these chemicals. Exercise improves circulation. Moderate exercise gets our heart pumping and 2 amendment definition improves the blood flow to our organs. This is rihanna 123, important because our blood carries oxygen and definition nutrients to important body systems. Regular exercise lowers the amount of estrogen in Is a and Freedoms, the body.

Since the goal of endometriosis treatment is to lower estrogen levels, regular exercise may help improve endo symptoms. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Planning for college is a time filled with challenges and excitement. College life opens the door to personal growth and independence. 2 Amendment! It can be difficult, since you may be making decisions on lord cause of death your own for the first time. It can also be exciting, a chance to make new friends, try new activities, learn new things, and set up a home away from definition home. There are many things to consider when planning for Essay about Going the Ship: Care college if you have a chronic illness such as endometriosis.

We hope that the 2 amendment definition following information will answer your questions and offer helpful hints. Should I be concerned about my health insurance coverage? Yes. It is important to know exactly what kind of of the theatre health insurance coverage you have. 2 Amendment Definition! For example, some insurance policies will only provide coverage until you are 18 or 19 years old. Other policies may continue to how was created, provide coverage beyond this age, if you are a full–time student. Ask your parents how long you will be covered or contact the 2 amendment definition insurance company yourself. You should check with the admissions department at your college if you need to buy an additional “student insurance policy” while you are a student there.

If you aren’t covered by Essay Going the Ship: Affordable Care your parents’ insurance while at college, make sure you sign up for a special “student insurance policy”. How long can I expect to have insurance coverage? (For example, up to what age am I covered? Do I need to be a full time student to receive or “get” full coverage?) Does the policy cover out–of–state emergency services? Does the policy require that I contact the insurance company within a certain amount of time if I use emergency services? Is there a waiting period for certain services? How much is my co–pay for general medical, specialty, and urgent care appointments? What do I need to know about the health services at college? You will need to find out: When the Health Center is 2 amendment definition, open What kind of rihanna 123 services are provided Who you can talk to if you have any issues related to your endometriosis How to reach someone if you have concerns or questions If there is a health care provider at the Health Center that has experience in caring for young women with endometriosis. (If so, get the name and number before you need it.)

You should know the definition location of the closest hospital to your college in the event of an emergency, or if you need more care than your college Health Center can provide. Find out what kind of services are offered, and about the Ship: Affordable Care Act if students are transferred to another hospital if more specialized care is definition, needed. What should I do before I leave for college? Make an appointment with your gynecologist before you leave for Down the Ship: Care college. Talk with your gynecologist about your concerns, your symptoms, and what helps to relieve your pain. Having a plan for definition when you experience pain or other symptoms will give you control and comfort.

Be sure to have prescriptions filled with enough refills to last until you return to your doctor for a follow–up visit. How Was Hip Hop! Schedule follow–up visits with your gynecologist ahead of 2 amendment definition time so you can be seen during semester breaks. Ask for a copy of recent operative notes (if you have had surgery for Mary endometriosis) from the hospital where you were treated. Definition! Put them in a notebook and bring it with you to college with your important papers and/or ask the Health Center at school to keep a copy on file. You will need to request a copy of your medical records from the “Medical Records” department at the hospital where you had your laparoscopy. You may have to Essay With, do this in definition, person, or you may be able to Down With the Ship: Affordable Care, send or fax a letter.

Should I find a gynecologist near my college? If you are going to a college that is far away from home, you may decide that having a local health care provider or a gynecologist is best for you. It is definition, a good idea to schedule an appointment with your new gynecologist before you start classes so you can establish a relationship. You can help the communication among all doctors involved in your care by lord cause providing them with a list of all your medical providers, and a brief description of their roles in your health care. Include telephone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, and e–mail contact information, if appropriate. Provide them with copies of any important medical records, including operative notes, a list of medications you are taking, and any side effects or allergic reactions you have had from any medications. Should I talk with my professors about the effect of endometriosis on my life? Some young women find that talking to their professors about their endometriosis is helpful. You may feel awkward at definition, first about approaching your professors. However, most college faculty appreciate students who talk to them early on in the semester if there might be a problem that could potentially affect learning.

If you have difficulty with your courses because of pain from endometriosis, you should speak with your professor(s) again. The longer you wait, the Canada Country and Freedoms Essay more overwhelmed you may become. You don’t have to give specific information unless you want to. 2 Amendment Definition! You can simply explain that you have a “chronic disease with chronic pain.” Since endometriosis affects approximately 5 million women and girls, you may find that your professor is rihanna 123, familiar with it. Is there anyone else I should talk to? It can be helpful to have 1–2 designated people in 2 amendment definition, your college Health Center as your “liaisons”– a person to whom you can go to Going Down Affordable Care Act, when you need medical assistance and another person who can offer you emotional support. He/she may likely be able to offer guidance if your pain interferes with your academics. What are some ways to deal with my college workload?

Learning to use the course syllabus to your advantage can be helpful in dealing with your college workload. The syllabus lets you know what is definition, expected of you for each class, and allows you to plan your course work accordingly. Rihanna 123! An agenda can help you budget your time and plan ahead so you won’t fall behind if you become ill. Taping lectures and then taking notes later from the recorded lecture can help if you have trouble concentrating in 2 amendment, class. You will need to make time for listening to how was created, taped lectures sometime after class.

If you can’t make it to class, ask a friend to tape the lecture for you. Most colleges also have resource centers that provide a variety of services to help students deal with heavy workloads. Check your college website to see if your school has services for chronically ill students. They may be able to offer help with note taking, extensions on tests. or papers, and/or help with special dietary needs. Endometriosis: Hormonal Treatment Overview. Posted under Health Guides. Definition! Updated 29 August 2016.

There is no surgical cure for endometriosis, and if it is rihanna 123, untreated it will grow, causing pain and 2 amendment lowering your chances of origin of the word theatre being able to become pregnant in the future. This is why you need to definition, take medication. How Was Hip Hop! Treatment is aimed at definition, controlling pain and preventing the endometriosis from getting worse. This guide was created to help you understand the different choices of hormonal treatment for endometriosis, as well as the benefits and possible side effects that are most commonly reported. How do I know if hormone treatment is right for me?

Most young women can take hormone medicine, however, if you have certain medical conditions (such as a history of origin word theatre blood clots, high blood pressure, certain kinds of heart disease, hepatitis, severe migraines with visual changes or numbness over parts of your body, or if you smoke), hormonal therapy may not be an 2 amendment option for you. Be sure to tell your gynecologist if you have migraine headaches with loss of vision, flashing lights, numbness/tingling, or loss of how was hip hop created speech. Also, it is 2 amendment definition, very important to tell your GYN doctor if anyone in Is a Country of Rights and Freedoms Essay, your family has ever had a blood clot or stroke. Hormonal treatment works by temporarily turning off your ovaries so you don’t ovulate (make eggs). 2 Amendment Definition! When you don’t ovulate, you don’t have regular periods. When you are prescribed hormonal treatment continuously, you will rarely have periods or not have them at all. Since periods can cause pain for anyone with endometriosis, stopping them will improve your pain. Hormonal treatment includes the Pill, vaginal ring, an injection (once every 3 months), an IUD (which is placed in the uterus) or a hormonal implant that is inserted under the skin in your upper arm. Hormonal treatment with combined estrogen and progestin : Oral contraceptive pills (OCP’s): contain the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The goal of the treatment is to stop your periods and pain caused from endo. Teens with endometriosis will take OCP’s in Canada of Rights, a continuous fashion.

The vaginal ring: The vaginal ring is a small, thin, flexible rubber ring that fits inside the definition vagina. Once in place it releases a combination of estrogen and progestin (hormones). If you choose this method of hormonal treatment for Queen Mary or Bloody your endo, you would insert the ring and leave it in 2 amendment, place for 3 weeks. You would then take it out and replace it with a new one right away. (If you are sexually active, neither you nor your partner will be able to feel the Mary ring when it is inserted properly.) Combined estrogen and progestin hormonal therapy may decrease, and in some cases stop endo pain. Most girls will only 2 amendment definition have 0–4 periods a year. Some young women prefer using the vaginal ring or patch because they don’t need to remember to take it every day. Spotting or breakthrough bleeding can last for Essay about Going the Ship: Affordable Act a few days until your body gets used to the medicine, or as long as you are taking it. Some girls may have heavier bleeding or a regular period. Breast tenderness, mood swings, headaches, nausea, cramps, bloating, and/or weight gain. There is 2 amendment, some concern that the hip hop patch may release a higher dose of hormones than the pill, which can increase the risk of blood clots and/or stroke.

Some girls who use the hormone patch may have skin irritation where the patch is 2 amendment definition, worn. Some girls who use the vaginal ring may have vaginal irritation. Some girls may not have relief from jack lord their endometriosis pain. Progesterone-only hormonal treatment: Norethindrone acetate : Aygestin® (Norethindrone acetate) is a pill that contains only 2 amendment definition progesterone.

It is a type of hormone medicine that is often prescribed for patients that cannot take estrogen. How Was Hip Hop Created! The dosage is 5–10mg per day. Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (Depo–Provera®): Medroxyprogesterone acetate is 2 amendment, another type of medication that only contains the hormone progesterone. It is an injection that is given once every 3 months by Canada Is a Essay a nurse or your primary health care provider. Medroxyprogesterone acetate will temporarily stop your menstrual cycle. IUD or Mirena® : is a type of intrauterine device that contains ONLY progestin. The IUD is most often prescribed with combination OCP’s (oral contraceptive pills) to reduce the size of lesions caused from endometriosis and lessen the amount of bleeding. Implants : Hormonal implants such as Nexplanon® come in the shape of a tiny tube that is placed under the skin in the upper arm.

The implant prevents pregnancy and reduces the size of 2 amendment lesions caused from endometriosis. Rihanna 123! It is effective for 3 years. The implant is about the size of a toothpick and made of a flexible plastic that contains a type of progestin hormone medicine called etonogestrel. Progesterone–only hormone therapy can be effective in definition, treating symptoms of created endometriosis. The Mirena® IUD lasts up to 5 years. The IUD plus oral contraceptive pills can lessen bleeding and pain from endo. 2 Amendment Definition! The Nexplanon® Implant lasts for 3 years. Spotting or breakthrough bleeding can last for a few days until your body gets used to the medicine, or as long as you are taking it Bleeding or a regular period Breast tenderness, nausea, bloating, weight gain, and/or hair thinning Headaches, mood swings including depression, nervousness Bone density loss and increased risk of osteoporosis (thinning of origin your bones) when taken for a long time Some girls may not have relief from their endometriosis pain. Hormonal treatment with GnRH agonists (gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists) and Add–Back: The combination of 2 amendment definition GnRH agonists and hormonal add–back therapy is usually prescribed when other hormonal medicine does not work in relieving endo pain. The goal of GnRH agonists and origin word add–back therapy is to 2 amendment definition, stop the endometriosis from growing and lower the side effects of GnRH therapy alone.

Add–back therapy can be a small amount of progesterone, or a combination of estrogen and progesterone. GnRH agonists work by temporarily turning off your pituitary gland, which stops your ovaries from making estrogen and Essay about the Ship: Act progesterone (so you won’t have a period). Since all of the GnRH agonists lower estrogen levels, the possible side effects for all of the medicines in this group are the same symptoms that women often have during menopause. However, the add–back therapy that your gynecologist also prescribes will help lessen possible side effects. Leuprolide Acetate (Lupron–Depot®): Leuprolide acetate is one type of 2 amendment definition GnRH agonist that is given as an origin of the word intramuscular (in the muscle) injection (shot).

It can be given either once a month or once every 3 months. Our GYN team prefers that you get the injection once every 3 months so you don’t have to come in for appointments every month. Please make sure that the shot comes in the 3 month form (blue box). Nafarelin Acetate: Nafarelin acetate (Synarel®) is another type of GnRH agonist that comes in the form of a nasal spray. The recommended dose is one puff in one nostril in the morning, then another puff in the other nostril at nighttime, however dosages are sometimes adjusted. Low levels of definition estrogen cause your period to stop and endometriosis from lord growing. Low levels of estrogen stop endo from growing so your fertility is preserved. Bone density loss and higher risk of osteoporosis (thinning of your bones) when taken without add–back therapy. Side effects may include hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, bone and joint aches, hair loss, lack of definition interest in sex, and possible short–term memory loss.

In many cases, teens and women may be able to stay on origin word this treatment longer than six months as long as their bone density is checked and is normal. Some girls may not have relief from their endometriosis pain. Endometriosis: Continuous Hormonal Pills (OCPs) Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Combination hormonal treatment is very effective for treating endometriosis. Hormonal treatment doesn’t “cure” endometriosis, but it may help with controlling pain by stopping your periods and 2 amendment preventing endometriosis from origin of the word theatre getting worse. Hormonal treatment, also known as “oral contraceptives” or “birth control pills” are used for many reasons other than to prevent pregnancy. Hormonal pills contain the hormones estrogen and progestin, which are similar to the hormones that are normally made by definition the ovaries. There is also another type of pill that contains only one hormone (progestin), and is called either the “progestin–only pill”, or the jack “mini–pill”.

Are there different kinds of hormonal pills? Yes. There are many different hormonal pills that come in a lot of 2 amendment different packages. The shapes and colors of the packages may be different but there are just two categories of pills: combined estrogen and progesterone pills (these have both estrogen and cause progesterone hormone medicine in them), and progestin–only pills that contain just progesterone. Hormonal pills come in a 21–day pill pack or a 23, 24, or 28–day pill pack. The most common pill packs are the definition 21–day pack which contain all hormone pills and how was hip hop created the 28–day pack contains 3 weeks of 2 amendment hormone pills and rihanna 123 1 week of definition inactive (placebo) pills. How do I know if hormonal pills are right for Canada Is a of Rights and Freedoms me? Not everyone should take hormonal pills. You will be asked questions about your medical history, such as whether you or anyone in your family has a history of blood clots. Definition! In addition, you won’t be given estrogen pills if you have certain types of migraine headaches.

There are different doses of rihanna 123 hormones in different hormonal pills. Your gynecologist may prescribe a progestin–only pill if there is a medical reason why you should not take estrogen. 2 Amendment Definition! Please tell your GYN team if you have migraine headaches or a family history of how was hip hop blood clots or strokes. Are there other medical benefits of taking hormonal pills? Yes. If you are taking hormonal pills continuously (no inactive pills) then you probably won’t have a period. Hormonal pills also lower your chance of getting endometrial (lining of the uterus) cancer and definition ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, certain breast lumps, and may protect you from osteoporosis. Hormonal treatment may also improve acne. What is the difference between “active” and how was hip hop created “inactive” hormonal pills?

Active pills contain hormone medicine. If your pill pack is in the shape of 2 amendment a rectangle, the pills will be in 4 rows (7 pills in each row). The active pills are in the first 3 rows of your pill pack. Rihanna 123! The inactive pills are in the last row of the 28–day pill pack and 2 amendment DO NOT contain hormone medicine. If your pill pack is Going Down the Ship: Affordable Care Act, round, the pills will be in a circle. The active pills are the first 21 pills and the last 7 pills are the inactive ones, and are usually a different color. If you are using a 21–day pill pack, all the 2 amendment pills are active. When you are on continuous hormonal treatment for endometriosis, you will take an “active pill” every day in a continuous pattern. What does “cyclic” use and “continuous” use mean? Cyclic use means taking all the pills in the 28–day pack (21 active pills plus 7 inactive pills), then starting the next pack.

This method results in periods and is not routinely used for the treatment of endometriosis. Continuous use means taking active hormone pills every day without a break. If you are using the 28–day pill pack, you will take 1 active pill a day for 3 weeks (3 complete rows) and then start your next pill pack. Origin! You will not take the last row of definition inactive pills; throw them away. If you are prescribed the 21–day pill pack, finish the Mary Mary entire pack (3 rows) and then start your next pill pack the next day. Do not skip any days between pill packs. Most likely you will not have a period while you are taking the pill continuously, but some girls may have breakthrough bleeding. Having up to four periods a year is considered normal on this method. What are the 2 amendment side effects of hormonal pills?

Most women and teens have no side effects when taking hormonal pills, but some may experience mild side effects. Each type of hormonal pill can affect each woman or teen differently. Spotting: Breakthrough bleeding between periods may occur while taking the first three weeks of hormone pills, but this is not serious. This usually happens during the first two or three cycles. You should call the GYN team if the bleeding is jack cause, heavier than a light flow, or lasts more than a few days.

It is very important that you take your hormone pills at definition, exactly the same time to keep your hormone levels in balance. This will lower the chance of how was hip hop having breakthrough bleeding. Nausea: You may feel queasy or nauseous at definition, times, but this may go away if you take the Pill with a meal or a snack. If the nausea doesn’t go away, your gynecologist may prescribe a pill with less estrogen. Headaches: Some teens may get mild headaches when they start taking hormonal treatment. Although headaches usually happen because of stress or other reasons, be sure to let your GYN team know if the headaches are severe or if they continue. Mood changes: Mood changes or mood swings can happen when taking hormonal treatment. Exercise and rihanna 123 a healthy diet may help, but if they don’t, you may need to change the type of definition pill you are taking. Acne: Usually hormonal treatment helps cure acne, but some teens may get acne from Going Down With the Ship: Affordable Care Act a particular pill.

Weight: Some teens gain weight, some lose weight, but most teens stay exactly the same when they are taking the hormonal treatment. Other side effects: Your breasts may feel tender or swollen, your appetite may increase, and/or you might feel bloated. Most often, side effects go away within the first 3 to 4 months of definition taking the hormonal pill. If the jack side effects are severe or if they don’t go away after three cycles, your gynecologist may switch you to a different hormonal pill or talk to you about other types of hormonal treatments for 2 amendment definition your endometriosis. Are there serious side effects I should watch out for while taking the hormonal pill?

Most young women who take hormonal pills have few or no problems. However, if you have any of the following problems, go to the closest emergency room right away. Abdominal pain (severe) Chest pain (severe), cough, shortness of breath Headache (severe), dizziness, weakness, or numbness Eye problems (vision loss or blurring), speech problems Severe leg pain (calf or thigh) Endometriosis: How To Take Continuous Oral Contraceptive Pills. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Taking the Pill continuously means that you will take one active pill (containing the origin theatre female hormones estrogen and progesterone) every day without a break. 2 Amendment Definition! This will help keep the lining of your uterus very thin. Hip Hop Created! You will not take any placebo (inactive) pills and definition you will not have a regular monthly period.

You may have some irregular spotting or bleeding as your body gets used to Queen Mary or Bloody Mary, this new medicine, especially in the first six months. To take the oral contraceptive pill, follow the definition instructions on the package. Hip Hop! Your GYN team will also explain how to use your pill pack. 2 Amendment! You will be told to start taking the oral contraceptive pill on a Sunday, on the first day of your menstrual period, or on the day of rihanna 123 your appointment with your gynecologist. You should take 1 oral contraceptive pill at the same time each day until you finish the 2 amendment pack. The best time is word theatre, ? an hour after a full meal. You may feel mildly nauseous during the definition first month, but this usually goes away. After completing a 21–day pack, you should immediately start a new package of pills the next day. Do I need to hip hop created, take the hormonal pills at the same time every day? Yes.

Take the hormonal pill at exactly the same time (or close to the same time) everyday. A good time to take the Pill is at 6, 7, or 8pm every evening. 2 Amendment Definition! It is not a good idea to lord of death, take the Pill “when you wake up” or “before going to sleep”, as those times will vary on school nights and weekends. What if I forget to take one or more hormonal pills? If you miss 1 or 2 active (hormone) pills in a row, take the pill(s) as soon as possible and then continue taking 1 pill each day. You may take 2 pills on the same day (one at the moment you remember and the other at the regular time) or even 2 at 2 amendment definition, the same time. If you miss 3 or more active (hormone) pills in a row, take the Pill as soon as possible and then continue taking 1 Pill each day. If you missed the pills in Is a Country of Rights and Freedoms, the third week, finish all the active hormone pills in your current pack, and 2 amendment then start a new pack of pills. If you are sexually active and missed 3 pills, use condoms or do not have sex until you have taken active (hormone) pills for Going Down With the Ship: Affordable 7 days in a row. If you are sexually active and have missed more than 2 pills, talk to your GYN team about whether you should use emergency contraception. Note: If you are taking very low dose pills with just 20ug of ethinyl estradiol and miss 2 pills, you should follow the instructions for missing 3 or more pills.

You may have breakthrough bleeding (spotting) if you forget to take your pill on time; some women’s bodies are so sensitive that they will bleed if they take their pill just 30 minutes late. If you miss pills you may get an extra menstrual period. What if I’m not happy with the hormonal pills that I’m taking? If you are not happy with the hormonal pills that you are taking and the effects they have on your body, talk to definition, your GYN team. Don’t just give up and stop taking the pills. Most likely your gynecologist will be able to give you a prescription for a different type of hormonal pill or another type of hormone medicine. How Was Hip Hop! There are many types of 2 amendment hormonal pills and they affect people differently. Hip Hop Created! You may like some, but not others. You may need to try a few different types before you find the pill that works best for you.

Endometriosis: Progesterone-Only Treatment. Posted under Health Guides. 2 Amendment! Updated 29 August 2016. If you are unable to of the word theatre, take estrogen or if you do not respond to 2 amendment, combination (estrogen and progesterone) pills, your gynecologist may prescribe either Norethindrone acetate (Aygestin®, Nor–QD®, or Camilla®) or Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo–Provera®), different kinds of progesterone–only hormone medicine. These medicines stop your body from ovulating and your endometriosis from growing. Theatre! Most teens will not have a period. Taking synthetic (man–made) progesterone medication in this form is 2 amendment, very similar to the natural progesterone that is made by your body during pregnancy.

Are there any reasons why I wouldn’t be able to take Progesterone–only hormone therapy? Tell your GYN team if you have epilepsy (seizures), migraines, asthma, heart, or kidney problems. You should not take any kind of progesterone if you are pregnant; have cancer, unexplained vaginal bleeding or severe liver disease. You should also tell the Essay about Care team if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or you have been diagnosed with depression in the past. Most teens and young women have little or no side effects while taking progesterone–only medication. 2 Amendment! Possible side effects can include breakthrough bleeding or spotting, changes in weight, acne, breast enlargement, feeling bloated, headache/migraines, nausea or vomiting, and possible decrease in bone density (thinning of the bones). Hormone medications can affect people differently. Some teens will have very irregular bleeding while taking progesterone–only hormone therapy, especially during the first 6 months of treatment. Rihanna 123! Breakthrough bleeding is less common the longer you are on hormonal therapy.

How is Norethindrone acetate taken? Norethindrone acetate (Aygestin®) is a pill that you swallow. Starting Aygestin®: Take 1-2 (5mg) tablet at definition, the same time every day as prescribed by your health care provider. Rihanna 123! At Boston Children’s Hospital, we currently recommend that you do not take more than 10 mg of 2 amendment Aygestin ®/day. These progesterone–only medications come in a pill pack like regular birth control pills.

There are 28 active hormone pills in how was created, each pack. How is Medroxyprogesterone acetate given? Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo–Provera®) is an injection that is given in a muscle (in the buttocks, arm or thigh) every 3 months. The first shot is usually given within the first 5 days of 2 amendment your menstrual cycle (during your period). If you are sexually active, a routine urine pregnancy test will be done first.

The next shot needs to be scheduled within 11–13 weeks. Endometriosis: Leuprolide Acetate Instructions. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. If your gynecologist has prescribed Leuprolide acetate (Lupron Depot®) to rihanna 123, treat your endometriosis, please read the following important information. Leuprolide acetate (3 month formulation) is an injection (shot) that is given in the buttocks, arm or thigh every 3 months (12 weeks). You may receive your injection 1 week before or after you are due to get it.

If more than 1 week has passed since your last injection, you will need to have a urine pregnancy test done. If it is 2 amendment, negative, schedule an cause of death appointment to get your next injection in 10 days. 2 Amendment Definition! Depending on your health insurance coverage, you may be required to order your medicine by mail. You will then need to rihanna 123, bring it (and the box it came in) with you to your health care provider’s office. Add–back therapy is Norethindrone acetate (Aygestin®) or Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Prempro®).

It must be taken at 2 amendment, the same time each day. About With Care! Oral contraceptive pills: If you are on oral contraceptive pills, continue the Pill for 3 weeks after your first injection. On the day you stop the 2 amendment definition Pill you will begin taking the how was hip hop created add–back medication. 2 Amendment Definition! Calcium supplements: While on Leuprolide acetate, it is important that you take a calcium supplement, as your body needs 1300 mg of origin of the theatre calcium every day. Eating and drinking foods that are high in calcium is also important. Vitamin D: It is 2 amendment definition, recommended that teens take 600 IU’s (international units) of vitamin D every day. Vitamin D is a pill that can be taken with calcium. Your first period on Leuprolide acetate: Please be aware that you may have a heavy and painful period during the created first 4–6 weeks after your first Lupron Depot® shot. Definition! After that, you will probably not have anymore vaginal bleeding as long as you take the Canada Country Essay add–back therapy at the same time each day. Appointments to get your follow–up injection: Make sure you make your appointment on a day that your gynecologist sees patients. 6 month follow–up visit: After 6–8 months on Leuprolide acetate and 2 amendment add–back, you and your gynecologist will talk about whether or not you can continue on the medicine.

If you do continue, you will be scheduled for a DXA Scan. DXA Scan: Be sure to schedule your DXA before your 9 month Lupron Depot® shot. Your gynecologist will need to review the results before you can have your next shot. A follow–up DXA will be done every 1–2 years as needed. Improvement in pain: It usually takes about 2–3 months to see an improvement in symptoms (while on Leuprolide acetate and Essay add–back therapy). Questions Concerns: If you have any concerns about your treatment, call your health care provider’s office. Endometriosis: Leuprolide Acetate With Add–Back. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Leuprolide acetate (Lupron Depot®) is a type of gonadotropin–releasing hormone agonist (GnRH agonist) medicine.

GnRH agonist medications help to lower pelvic pain caused by endometriosis. Add–back therapy is the addition of a small amount of the hormones estrogen and progesterone or progesterone alone. 2 Amendment! You must take add–back therapy if you are prescribed Leuprolide acetate). This medication works by shutting off hormones made by your ovaries, so your estrogen (one of the origin of the theatre hormones that cause your body to have periods) level is definition, lowered. After your first injection (shot), your estrogen level will rise before it goes down. This is called an Canada of Rights “estrogen surge”. 2 Amendment! Because of how was created this rise in 2 amendment definition, estrogen, you may have an Queen Mary increase in your symptoms for 2 amendment a few weeks. And Freedoms Essay! After the estrogen surge, your estrogen levels will go down. This temporarily stops your period.

When you do not have periods, endometriosis symptoms are usually relieved. Leuprolide acetate is an injection. It is 2 amendment, very important to get your injection on time. Missed doses can cause breakthrough bleeding and Essay With the Ship: Act the return of definition pain. How long can I take Leuprolide acetate with add–back ? Leuprolide acetate alone is jack lord cause, usually prescribed for 6 months (1 shot every 3 months). However, when you take it with add–back, you can almost always stay on it longer.

After a few months of treatment you will have an appointment with your gynecologist to see if the medicine is helping you. This appointment also gives your doctor a chance to ask you about your pelvic pain and any other symptoms you may be having. If your symptoms are better, he may suggest that you continue taking the definition medicine. What are the side effects of Canada Is a Country of Rights taking Leuprolide acetate? Taking Leuprolide acetate alone lowers the estrogen level in the body, which typically causes side effects similar to menopause. These side effects may include: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, decreased interest in sex, moodiness, headaches, spotting, and change in bone density. However, with the addition of “add–back” therapy, you will most likely NOT experience these side effects. 2 Amendment! If you do have symptoms, they are generally mild. Add–back is a pill that contains a small amount of estrogen and hip hop progesterone, or progesterone–only that is taken every day. Since hormones are important to keep your bones healthy, low levels of hormones can lower your bone density putting you at 2 amendment definition, risk for osteoporosis (thinning of your bones). The goal of add–back therapy is to give your body back just enough hormone(s) to about Going Down With Affordable, protect your bones and control any unwanted side effects such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness that are common when taking Leuprolide acetate alone.

Your gynecologist will decide on how much add–back medicine you will need, and give you a prescription. Add–back is either: Aygestin® 5mg/daily, or Prempro® 0.625/2.5mg/daily. When do the effects of 2 amendment definition Leuprolide acetate go away? The effects of Leuprolide acetate will decrease after you stop taking the Mary Mary medicine. If you’ve been getting Lupron® every 3 months, your period will usually return within 4 to 8 months after your last shot. If you’ve been getting Lupron Depot® every month, your period will likely return 6–8 weeks after your last shot. Bone density loss may be partially or completely recovered. This means that your bones may or may not be as solid as they were before you started the medicine. Can I take Leuprolide acetate forever? Research has shown that long term use of Leuprolide acetate alone can cause bone density loss. Bone density loss is a big concern especially if you have a family history of definition osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis causes your bones to how was, become fragile and break more easily. 2 Amendment! “Add–back” therapy can help prevent loss of about Going With Affordable Care Act bone density, which may allow you to stay on definition the medicine longer. Bone density is jack of death, a measurement of how solid and strong your bones are. Bones need to definition, be strong and solid so they do not break easily. Your teenage and young adult years are important for bone development. Weak bones during the teenage years may negatively impact your bone health later in life. Your bones need lots of nutrients, especially calcium and vitamin D. It is also important to eat a well–balanced diet and include foods high in calcium. When will I be scheduled for a bone density test? After you have been on Leuprolide acetate for approximately 6-8 months, your gynecologist will order a bone density scan (DXA test). How Was Hip Hop! This is a simple test that measures how dense (or thick) your bones are and 2 amendment definition if your bones are thinning.

If the rihanna 123 DXA scan is normal and you continue on the medicine, you will need to repeat the DXA test every 1-2 years. What can I do to definition, prevent bone loss? You will likely be told to take calcium and vitamin D supplements. Calcium works to build and maintain bone density. Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium. Make sure to divide your daily dose of created calcium if taking more than 500mg.

Your body can only absorb so much at 2 amendment definition, once. Can I get pregnant when I am on Leuprolide acetate? Although this medication works by preventing ovulation (stops you from making eggs), there is a rare chance that you could become pregnant if you have unprotected sex. Queen Or Bloody Essay! Thus, it is important to 2 amendment, use a non–hormonal birth control method such as condoms while on this medication. The long term effects to an unborn baby whose mother was on Is a Country Essay Leuprolide acetate at the time of conception are unknown at this time, but it does not appear to cause birth defects. Endometriosis: Synarel (Naferelin acetate) General Info. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Nafarelin acetate is the generic name for “Synarel,” a medicine that is used to treat endometriosis. It is a type of gonatropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRH agonist) medicine. 2 Amendment Definition! GnRH agonist medicines help to lessen pelvic pain caused by endometriosis.

Synarel works by shutting off hormones made by the ovaries, so estrogen (one of the hormones that cause your body to origin of the word theatre, have periods) is lowered. When you do not have periods, endometriosis symptoms usually decrease or go away completely. Synarel is a nasal spray that is typically prescribed as: 1 or 2 sprays in one nostril in the morning and 1or 2 sprays (in the 2 amendment other nostril) in the evening (about 12 hours apart). It is origin of the theatre, very important to take Synarel at the same times every day without missing any doses. Are there any reasons that I shouldn’t take Synarel? You have an allergy to Synarel (Nafarelin acetate) or any part of the medicine. It’s always important to tell your health care provider if you are allergic to any medicines. 2 Amendment! You have vaginal bleeding and the cause is unknown You are pregnant and/or breast-feeding. *Make sure you tell your health care provider about all of the hip hop medicines you take including over-the-counter herbs and supplements.

Before starting Synarel you should: Have a pregnancy test (if you are having sex) Talk to your health care provider (HCP) about whether you are at a higher risk for bone density problems (how solid and strong your bones are) and whether you need to have a bone density test before you start the medicine. 2 Amendment! Know that it usually takes a few cycles to see an improvement in symptoms. What are the possible side effects of rihanna 123 Synarel? All medications can cause side effects. Some people have mild side effects; most people have no side effects. 2 Amendment! Call your health care provider if your side effects bother you a lot or they don’t go away.

Taking Synarel alone (without add-back) lowers the Essay about Going Down Affordable Care Act estrogen level in your body, which typically causes side effects that are similar to 2 amendment, menopause . These side effects may include: hot flashes or feeling warm-hot with flushing of the skin moodiness decreased interest in sex acne vaginal dryness headache. Nasal irritation and/or a runny nose are also possible. Origin Theatre! Serious side effects are rare. Other uncommon side effects that you should tell your health care provider about include: inflammation/irritation of 2 amendment your nose rash pain in your belly area heavy vaginal bleeding vaginal spotting/bleeding for more than 2 months sadness or symptoms of how was hip hop created depression that lasts longer than 2 weeks trouble with remembering things. Store it upright, in a dry place (not in the bathroom) NEVER keep Synarel in the refrigerator or freezer Protect it from 2 amendment definition direct sunlight Keep it away from lord young children and pets. Synarel is usually tolerated well however sometimes some young women may have mild to severe reactions. If your symptoms do not get better or they get worse, call your health care provider. Endometriosis: Synarel (Nafarelin) How to Use It. Posted under Health Guides.

Updated 29 August 2016. Synarel is a medicine in the form of a nasal spray that is used to treat endometriosis. It is very important that it is 2 amendment definition, taken at of Rights and Freedoms Essay, the same time every day and it is used properly. a. Remove the white plastic safety clip from the neck of the 2 amendment definition bottle. (Do NOT throw it away) b. Rihanna 123! Remove the 2 amendment cap from the nozzle tip. About Down With The Ship:! (Do NOT throw it away) c. Hold the bottle straight so that the 2 amendment definition nozzle is on top. d. Put two fingers (index and about Going With the Ship: Care middle fingers) on definition the side of the nozzle (see photo). Your thumb should rest on the bottom of the about Down With Affordable Care Act bottle.

e. 2 Amendment! Press down evenly and firmly with your index and Essay Going Down Affordable Care Act middle fingers. Do this 7-10 times until you see a fine mist. f. Definition! Stop when you see the fine mist. The medicine/pump is now #x201C;primed#x201D;. g. You only need to prime the Essay Going Down With Affordable Care bottle when you open it for the first time. Follow these directions EVERY time you take your medicine (Synarel) Images used with permission from Pfizer. Endometriosis: Frequently Asked Questions. Posted under Health Guides. Definition! Updated 29 August 2016.

Why do I need to have surgery and rihanna 123 medicine for my endo? Endometriosis can only be diagnosed by laparoscopy. Definition! At the time of a laparoscopy, great care is created, taken to destroy any visible endo lesions (also called implants) and any adhesions. Some endometriosis isn’t visible, yet it responds well to medication. That’s why we combine medical and 2 amendment surgical therapy to treat this unpredictable disease. A study done at of Rights Essay, Boston Children’s Hospital strongly suggests that combined surgical and medical management stops endometriosis from 2 amendment getting worse. This helps to preserve your fertility. Will I ever need another laparoscopy?

Most girls will not require any more laparoscopic procedures in the future, but some may. This depends on hip hop many factors, such as when your last procedure was, if you are having a problem with pain control while taking medication, and if your gynecologist feels it is necessary to 2 amendment, check to see if your endometriosis has grown. If your endometriosis has grown, the lesions will be removed and/or destroyed. The goal is to lower your pain and preserve your fertility. Will I need to have my uterus removed? You will NOT need to have your uterus removed (hysterectomy). Rihanna 123! All treatment will be aimed at relieving your pain and preserving your ability to have children some day. Not being able to get pregnant (infertility) can result if endometriosis causes changes in definition, your pelvic organs, including your fallopian tubes and ovaries. With early treatment, endometriosis should not interfere with your ability to become pregnant (when you are ready).

Other factors besides endometriosis (such as STIs) can affect your fertility. It’s important to take good care of your reproductive health by always practicing safe sex. Should I get pregnant soon to jack cause, cure my endo? You may have heard that “pregnancy cures endometriosis”. This is a myth. There is 2 amendment, no cure for endometriosis. Rihanna 123! Some women may have little or no endo–related pain during pregnancy, while others will experience pain. Definition! Becoming a parent is a big decision and should never be used as a treatment for of the word endo. How long do I need to 2 amendment definition, be followed for my endo? Endometriosis is a chronic condition that requires long–term medical treatment and follow–up, especially during your childbearing years. Many factors affect how often you will need to be seen by your medical team, such as whether or not you are responding to the treatment.

Since there is no cure for how was endometriosis, you will need to be on medication. Therefore, you will need to definition, be checked and have your prescriptions refilled. For example: if your gynecologist gives you a prescription for hip hop medication to stop your period, you will need to schedule a follow–up appointment in 2 amendment, approximately 3 months. During this visit, he/she will meet with you and ask you if the Canada Is a Country and Freedoms medication is working to definition, stop your periods and pain. If you are feeling well and your blood pressure is normal, you will be given a prescription for more refills.

If you are on cause of death Leuprolide acetate (Lupron Depot®) you will need to return for your shot every 3 months while you are on this treatment. If you have any problems or need questions answered in definition, the meantime, you should contact your GYN team. Should my sisters and other family members get checked? Women are more likely to develop endometriosis if a close female relative from rihanna 123 their mom or dad’s side has it. Likewise, if you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, and someone in your family (such as your sister, or cousin) has painful periods and pelvic pain at other times during her menstrual cycle that interfere with school and social activities, it is definition, a good idea to suggest that they get evaluated. Word Theatre! They can make an definition appointment with a pediatric adolescent gynecologist who has experience treating teens with endometriosis. Endometriosis: Frequently Asked Questions About The Oral Contraceptive Pill. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Do I need a pelvic exam before going on the oral contraceptive pill?

No. Although it is important for teens to have checkups as part of Is a and Freedoms Essay their general health care, a pelvic exam is not needed for girls with endometriosis in order to start oral contraceptive pills. Will I have trouble getting pregnant after using the oral contraceptive pill? There is no change in definition, fertility with the use of the oral contraceptive pill. However, if your period was irregular before you started taking the Pill, it is likely that your periods will be irregular again when you stop taking it. Does the oral contraceptive pill cause birth defects? No. The Pill does not cause birth defects nor does it affect the health of origin of the future children. Does the definition oral contraceptive pill cause cancer?

No. The Pill actually protects against origin word theatre cancer of the ovaries and cancer of the lining of the definition uterus. A woman is Mary Essay, half as likely to 2 amendment, get cancer of the uterus or ovaries if she takes the rihanna 123 Pill. Most experts believe that taking oral contraceptive pills does not cause any increased risk of developing breast cancer. Even girls with a family history of breast cancer can take the Pill. How long can I be on oral contraceptives? It is safe for 2 amendment definition you to be on the Pill for years, whether to regulate your menstrual cycle, treat your cramps, as hormone replacement, or birth control. It is Queen Mary Essay, important to be on hormonal treatment for endometriosis until you are ready to 2 amendment definition, become pregnant, so that the origin of the word disease does not progress. Do I need to take a break from the Pill? There is no medical reason that you need to take a “break” from the 2 amendment definition Pill. When you are on the Pill continuously, the Queen Mary Mary Essay lining of your uterus does not build up.

Therefore, you don’t get your period and there is no blood. You will likely have spotting or bleeding if you take your pill late, or you forget to take it. Can I smoke if I’m taking the Pill? It is NOT safe for you to smoke and take oral contraceptives. Smoking dramatically increases your risk for heart disease (including blood clots and stroke). 2 Amendment Definition! The more you smoke, the higher the lord risk.

What if I am also using the oral contraceptive pill for birth control? If you are also taking the oral contraceptive pill for birth control, you should know that oral contraceptive pills do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. 2 Amendment Definition! Condoms help to prevent most sexually transmitted diseases, and they are also an important backup method of birth control if you miss more than one Pill in a row, or if you are sick and throwing up. All of these factors can lower the effectiveness of the Pill. Essay About Going With Act! Whenever you get a new medication, ask if it changes the effectiveness of your oral contraceptive pill. What if I forget to take 2 or more combined oral contraceptive pills and I’m sexually active? If you have had intercourse during the time you missed your pills (and you don’t use condoms), talk to your GYN team about definition, whether you should use emergency contraception. Origin Of The Word! If you are 15 or older, you can buy “Plan B” without a prescription. If you are under 15, you will need a prescription from your health care provider.

How do I talk to my parents about taking the Pill? If you are taking hormonal pills for the treatment of endometriosis, your parents may have some worries about you taking a pill that is also called the “birth control pill”. It’s best to 2 amendment, talk openly with them about how the origin theatre Pill will stop your periods and help lower your pelvic pain and other discomforts you may have. If your parents have concerns, have them read our health guide “Birth Control Pills: A Guide for Parents”. How do I talk to my friends about taking the 2 amendment Pill? You may not want to tell your friends that you are taking hormonal pills for the treatment of hip hop created endometriosis.

Your “best friend” today may not be your best friend tomorrow, and sometimes friends can say or do things that hurt your feelings. Since hormonal pills are also used as a type of birth control, someone hearing that you are taking “the Pill” may assume it’s because you are having sex. When it comes down to it, you really don’t have to definition, tell anyone except your GYN team about your medical treatment. Although there is nothing to feel embarrassed about, it’s often a good idea that you keep your pill a private matter. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Active Hormone Pill : An oral contraceptive pill that contains estrogen, progesterone, or both. Add–Back Therapy : Hormonal therapy prescribed to jack lord cause, help females with the 2 amendment side effects of a class of medicine called GnRH agonists. Bladder : The organ that collects and rihanna 123 stores urine. Bone Density : How solid and strong your bones are. Break-through Bleeding : Light vaginal bleeding or spotting that can happen during the first month on oral contraceptive pills (OCP’s) or when switching to another kind of definition OCP, or when a pill is missed or late.

Most often the bleeding is very light but sometimes it can be similar to a regular period. Chronic : A condition that continues for a long time. Endometrial Cells : Cells from the lining of the uterus. Endometrial Lesions (Implants) : Tissue from the lining of the uterus that sticks and grows outside of its normal location. Endometrial Tissue : Tissue from the Queen Mary or Bloody Mary Essay lining of the uterus. Endometriosis : A condition that occurs when tissue similar to 2 amendment, the lining of the word theatre uterus is found outside its normal location. Estrogen : A female sex hormone. GnRH Agonist (GnRH-a) : A category of medicine used to treat certain medical conditions such as endometriosis.

This medicine works by 2 amendment definition lowering the body’s level of the hormone estrogen. Gynecologist : A doctor with additional medical and surgical training in the area of women’s health. Hormone : A chemical messenger that is Is a of Rights, released by an organ or gland and definition then sent through the bloodstream to another part of the body. Hormonal Medicine : Oral contraceptive pills (also known as birth control pills) that contain estrogen, progesterone, or both. Immune System : The system in of the word theatre, your body that protects against definition disease, infection, and foreign substances. Inactive Hormone Pill : The last row (or week) of pills that are in a 28–day oral contraceptive pill pack. They are sometimes called “sugar pills” or “placebos” because they do not contain medicine, so they are considered “inactive”.

Laparoscopy : A surgical procedure, generally done as a day surgery procedure under general anesthesia. A small incision is made near the navel, and a lighted, thin tube is inserted to view the rihanna 123 pelvic organs. Menstruation : The release of blood from the uterus. Menstrual Cramps : Pain in the lower abdomen (belly) during a period. Nausea : Feeling like you are going to throw up. Omega–3 Fatty Acids : Omega–3 fat is a “heart healthy” type of definition fat that your body needs. Omega–3 fatty acids are found in some fish (such as salmon), some nuts (such as walnuts), and some oils (such as flaxseed oil). Organic Foods : Organic produce is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. Origin Of The Word! Animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones. Ovaries : Two tiny organs (or glands) that are located inside the lower abdomen of a female.

The ovaries make the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Pelvic Ultrasound : A test that uses sound waves to make a picture of the reproductive organs; ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and bladder. Premenarcheal: This refers to the time before a girl gets her first period. “Pre” means before and “menarcheal” means menstrual period. Trans Fat : Trans fat is a “heart unhealthy” type of fat. It’s made by companies that make processed foods by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil. Foods with trans fat will have the definition words “partially hydrogenated oil” in the ingredient list. Trans fat can be found in word, some margarines, fast foods, fried foods, and 2 amendment baked goods. Ultrasound : A way to take pictures inside of body parts.

Pictures taken by ultrasound are similar to Queen Mary, x–ray photographs. However, when ultrasound is used, the images are made with sound waves instead of 2 amendment definition x–rays. Uterus : A female organ (also called a “womb”) that sheds blood every month (a period), and also holds a baby while it’s developing inside its mother. Endometriosis: A Guide for Friends, Siblings, and Significant Others. Posted under Health Guides. Updated 29 August 2016. Endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is word theatre, found outside the normal location. Symptoms are usually bad period cramps and 2 amendment pelvic pain. Origin Of The! The amount of endometriosis doesn’t always correlate with the amount of 2 amendment definition pain.

Endometriosis is a condition that occurs when tissue similar to With the Ship: Affordable Care Act, the lining of the 2 amendment uterus is found outside its normal location. Act! Common locations of definition endometrial implants include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and ligaments that support the uterus and about Going the Ship: Affordable tissue covering the definition bladder and rectum. The location of the endometrial implants and how was created the way in definition, which the lesions affect the lord cause pelvic organs contribute to the symptoms that both adolescent and adult women have. What are the symptoms of endometriosis? Endometriosis causes different symptoms. Some teens may have one or more of the following symptoms: Severe period cramps Chronic pelvic pain that comes and goes (throughout the 2 amendment menstrual cycle) Painful urination (pain when peeing) Diarrhea or constipation (loose or less bowel movements) Pelvic pain with exercise Pain after a pelvic exam Pain with intercourse (if sexually active) The amount of about the Ship: endometriosis doesn’t always compare to 2 amendment definition, the amount of and Freedoms Essay pain a woman may have. For example: Some teens may have a lot of endometriosis and have very little pain, while others who have a small amount of 2 amendment endometriosis have severe pain.

The ONLY way to diagnosis endometriosis for sure is to have a procedure called a laparoscopy . This procedure allows a doctor to look inside the pelvic cavity with a special lens to check for how was created endometriosis (implants) . Other tests that are often ordered before a laparoscopy may include blood tests, vaginal cultures (to check for 2 amendment infection), an ultrasound and/or an and Freedoms MRI. 2 Amendment Definition! These tests are done to Queen Mary Essay, “rule out” other possible causes of pelvic pain. Although we know that some young women may be a little more likely to develop endometriosis because one or more of their female relatives have it, most of the time we don’t know the cause of this disease . The three most accepted theories are: Sampson’s Theory: This theory explains that the flow of menstrual blood gets “backed up” causing some of the blood to definition, flow in a reverse direction. This process causes blood containing endometrial tissue to attach to surfaces outside of the uterus.

Meyer’s Theory: This theory proposes that specific cells (that are present at of Rights and Freedoms Essay, birth) called “metaplastic cells” change into 2 amendment definition endometrial cells. Vascular Theory: This theory suggests that the endometrial tissue “travels” through the body via the hip hop blood vessels. 2 Amendment Definition! It then implants in the abdomen and grows, resulting in and Freedoms Essay, pain. If a young woman has severe menstrual cramps and/or pelvic pain that cause her to miss school, her doctor may want her to 2 amendment definition, have a diagnostic laparoscopy. If endometriosis is found, treatment falls into the following categories: Observation: Keeping track of symptoms and trying mild pain medicine is usually recommended first. Lifestyle changes : Exercise, a healthy diet, and getting enough rest helps to manage pain. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation can also help. Medical suppression: Hormonal treatment works by shutting off hormones made by the ovaries, which temporarily stops a woman’s period and lowers the estrogen level. Surgery: A special instrument is inserted into a tiny incision or cut in a young woman’s abdomen (near her navel) while she’s asleep under anesthesia.

Visible endometriosis is destroyed. Pain treatment services: Your friend, (sibling or partner) may be referred for rihanna 123 pain treatment services where she may be evaluated for 2 amendment physical therapy, biofeedback, or another technique to help with pain control. Complementary medicine: Acupuncture, yoga, reiki, OMT (osteopathic manipulative therapy), herbal remedies, etc. may be helpful and sometimes are prescribed along with traditional medical treatment. The goals of treatment should be aimed at relieving pain, controlling the progression of endometriosis and rihanna 123 preserving fertility for future childbearing. 2 Amendment Definition! Comprehensive and early treatment can make a big difference in of death, improving a young woman’s quality of 2 amendment life.

It’s important to Down the Ship: Care, have a clear understanding of endometriosis; the definition symptoms, treatment, the possible side effects of each medicine, and how the disease impacts your friend’s (sibling, or partner’s) life. Letting her know that you want to hip hop created, help and being supportive will make a huge difference in the way she copes with her disease. You can be supportive by learning about her disease, being a good listener, and showing her that you care. Here are some examples of 2 amendment how you can show support: Keep in how was hip hop, touch: Text, e-mail, or call; especially on 2 amendment definition the days your friend (sibling, or partner) is absent from school. Take notes: Offer to jack, pick up or drop off school work and copy notes in classes you share. Bring the social event to your friend’s house: If you’re planning a get together with mutual friends and 2 amendment your friend isn’t up to going out (because of pain), consider meeting at cause of death, her home. Learn signs: Figure out a way that your friend can communicate when she is in pain. Having someone who understands her pain threshold will likely give her confidence to socialize.

What else do I need to know about endometriosis? Teens and young women CAN suffer from symptoms of endometriosis. Endometriosis is NOT an STI sexually transmitted infection). Chronic pelvic pain is NOT normal. Most young women have none or mild menstrual cramps one or two days a month. If your friend (sibling, or partner) is absent from school or work a lot because of pelvic pain and/or menstrual cramps or has pain in her lower abdomen (belly) that isn’t relieved with over-the-counter pain medicine, tell her to make an appointment with her health care provider. Endometriosis occurs among young and older women of ALL races. 2 Amendment Definition! Getting pregnant does NOT cure this disease , but may improve symptoms for Canada Country Essay some women. Definition! Some women with endometriosis who have given birth continue to have pain. Frequently Asked Questions: What is it like to live with endometriosis?

Having endometriosis can definitely add to the everyday stress of being a teen, young woman, or young adult. Girls with endometriosis have a significant amount of of death pelvic pain and menstrual cramps. A young woman’s pain is often misunderstood, perhaps because she doesn’t necessarily “look sick”. Girls with endo often miss school and frequently turn down social invitations because of pain. This can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. How common is endometriosis among teen girls? It’s not uncommon for young women to have endometriosis. 2 Amendment Definition! If endometriosis runs in Canada Country of Rights and Freedoms, the family, a young woman may be more likely to have it than someone else with no family history. A research study done at Boston Children’s Hospital found that endometriosis was the most common diagnosis for teens with chronic pelvic pain who had undergone a diagnostic laparoscopy.

How often does a young woman need to definition, be seen by her GYN (gynecology) team? This depends on: the type of medication she is prescribed, how well she responds to Mary Essay, treatment, and whether or not she has other gynecological issues. For example, if she’s on a medicine called Lupron Depot®, she’ll need to return for her shot either monthly, or every three months, depending on the prescribed dose. If she’s being treated with birth control pills she’ll likely have follow-up appointments about every three months. 2 Amendment Definition! She may return earlier than her scheduled appointments if she experiences side effects or feels her pain is not getting better. At the very least, she’ll need to have a check-up with her gynecologist once a year. If a young woman is on birth control pills for endometriosis, does it mean she’s having sex? Birth control pills (also called hormone pills, oral contraceptives or “the Pill”) are almost always prescribed to young women with endometriosis. Being on the pill does not mean that a young woman is having sex. How can I help my friend get to school? One of the rihanna 123 primary goals of treatment is to successfully manage your friend’s (sibling, or partner’s) pain.

Her treatment plan is specially designed to 2 amendment, lessen her symptoms that often get in the way of Mary or Bloody Mary going to school, participating in activities, and definition socializing with friends. You can encourage your friend (sibling, or partner) to rihanna 123, go to school even if it means going in later or getting dismissed early. If she’s absent, you could offer to pick up school-work for her. How can I help my friend (sibling, or partner) get out and do things? Understanding what your friend (sibling, or partner) is experiencing in terms of pain will help you know why she may feel anxious about going out. You can let her know that you will be with her and that she has the 2 amendment option of rihanna 123 going home early if she is in pain. Sometimes plans you have made with your friend, sibling, or partner may need to 2 amendment definition, be adjusted because she is tired or in pain. Canada Country Of Rights Essay! This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get together. Choosing more relaxing activities, or meeting at her home is better than not including her in your plans. How can I tell if my friend (sibling, or partner) is depressed?

If a young woman is having trouble sleeping, is 2 amendment definition, not interested in social activities, has a loss of appetite and/or change in weight, she may be depressed. It’s important to tell your friend’s (or partner’s) parents/guardians and encourage her to make an appointment with her GYN team. The team can arrange an evaluation with a mental health counselor, social worker, or psychologist. Are there any complementary or alternative (CAM) treatments that might help? Although there is limited data that supports the effectiveness of CAM therapy in the treatment of endometriosis, some research studies suggest that CAM therapies such as acupuncture and yoga are helpful in Queen Mary Essay, controlling pelvic pain. 2 Amendment Definition! Pain Treatment Centers are often located in major hospitals and provide services to evaluate young women with endometriosis. They may recommend CAM therapies in origin of the word theatre, addition to traditional medical treatment. The Center for Young Women’s Health (CYWH) is a collaboration between the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine and the Division of Gynecology at 2 amendment, Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Center is an educational entity that exists to provide teen girls and origin of the word theatre young women with carefully researched health information, health education programs, and conferences. All information is for educational purposes only. Definition! For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and lord of death treatment, consult your health care provider. 1998-2017 | Center for Young Women's Health, Boston Children's Hospital. 2 Amendment Definition! All rights reserved.

This well known website represents the Endometriosis Association, the first organization in Going the Ship: Care Act, the world to provide information on endometriosis to females who have it. The EA is a well respected authority with reliable information written by experts. Endometriosis Research Center | USA Phone Number(s): 561– 274–7442 | Toll Free: 800–239–7280. The Endometriosis Research Center was founded in 1997 because of the definition limited research, support, education and awareness for endometriosis. The ERC strives to improve the quality of life for of the word theatre women and girls with endometriosis through their extensive programs and outreach efforts. The Boston Center for Endometriosis brings together internationally recognized leaders in the field of endometriosis from renowned hospitals, including Boston Children’s Hospital and definition Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The Center focuses on created exceptional clinical care, multidisciplinary treatments by specialists, and 2 amendment definition outstanding educational resources.

Ballweg, Mary Lou, and The Endometriosis Association. Endometriosis—The Complete Reference for Taking Charge of Your Health. Origin Word! McGraw–Hill, 2003. 2 Amendment Definition! Written by the founder of the of death Endometriosis Association and definition expert clinicians, this book is packed with information about managing symptoms, medications, and alternative treatments. It is primarily geared towards adult women, however there is Country Essay, a chapter on 2 amendment “Teen Endometriosis” that would be helpful for parents, family members and friends, as well as health care providers and educators who advocate for teens. Mills, Dian Shepperson MA, and lord cause of death Vernon, Michael PhD HCLD. Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition. Thorsons, 2002. This book offers a holistic approach to managing endometriosis with emphasis on the practical role that nutrition plays. Definition! Phillips, Robert, and Motta, Glenda. Coping with Endometriosis: A Practical Guide.

Avery, 2000. How Was Created! This book addresses the 2 amendment psychological and origin of the word theatre emotional concerns related to endometriosis and offers practical ways to definition, cope with chronic pain.